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07-20-19 09:44 AM

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Posted on 12-13-13 03:24 PM Link | #36023
You know those models on the world map that represent a galaxy? Y'know, Planet Plains had a custom one. Usually have some kind of animation on them. Boss Blitz's was a crown.

How does one create custom MiniGalaxy icons? I want to know this so I can make placeholder graphics for custom galaxies and perhaps document it if somebody makes a full custom level with a custom one.

Is the model importing process the same? Where are the files located?
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Posted on 12-13-13 03:28 PM Link | #36025
I made one on time to represent the "Star World". it was a horrible model, but it worked. yes the process is the same. the files are located in objectdata. You have to scale it in a modelling studio.

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Posted on 12-13-13 03:39 PM Link | #36026
Yeah, use my importing tutorial with sketchup to import the icon of the one you want to replace and scale your icon to match the in-game one, then delete the original and export yours and import it. It's a BDL just like anything.

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Posted on 12-13-13 03:40 PM Link | #36027
What should the size be about?

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Posted on 12-13-13 03:44 PM Link | #36028
That's the point - it depends. That's why I say to use the existing one so that it's the same size.

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Main - Archived forums - General SMG hacking - MiniGalaxy Icons New reply

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