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World Map

1. Dependencies

World Maps are a bit complex until you actually understand how they work. There are many dependencies needed to make the entire thing work.
Credit to MrRean and NWPlayer123 for the current data.

To-Do: Document the individual files in the WorldMap0X files in ObjectData thoroughly, find out the exact files needed for the GUI on the World Map and Grand World Map.
This is an example of the world map in-game.

1. Dependencies

  • Text
    • LayoutMessage (For things like the Zoom Out button)
    • SystemMessage (The main file, defines the world name, galaxy names[both normal and short], and various other things such as scenario names)
  • ObjectData
    • World Map Layout
      • The files that define what the actual map is are the WorldMap0X.arc files.
    • Models
      • Icons are the many Mini___Galaxy.arc files in ObjectData (Contains Animations As Well)
      • The world map backgrounds are the WorldMap0XModel.arc files
  • Layouts
    • GalaxyInfoTexture is the images that are shown as "Galaxy Previews" when you are on a galaxy on the World Map. The Image Formats are .bti. Credit to MrRean
    • ?
  • Starship Mario
    • The skies that are auto-loaded by Starship Mario are the WorldMap0XSky.arc files

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