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Discussion about the main page goes here.

Would the wiki HTML ever have classes and such so you can customize the way certain pages look and act? Sorta like post layouts. -NWP
Why would that be needed? -Mega-Mario
IDK, it seems like something that could be useful. Unless you plan to make stuff like centering text and such in tables integrated. It's more so to make stuff easier to read because sometimes I find wiki pages can be that way if they have a ton of stuff. -NWP
Use <center> or <div class="center"> to center your text :) (the former is 'deprecated' but centers everything, not just text)
Ohok, it's supported. I wasn't sure if it was which was why I was asking. -NWP
The "special" pages should have a "View Source" tab that would be the replacement for the "Edit" button to non Global Moderators. The only way to view the source code is to see the differences in "Recent Changes". -HRE
Something I just thought of that should be added eventually is markup for stuff like ToDo, Add More Content, etc. -NWP
: Templates hm? Why not. --[user=1] (I also need to add signatures)

http://supermariogalaxy25.wikia.com/wiki/Super_Mario_Galaxy_2.5_Wiki This an old wiki SSL started.-HRË
That isn't useful one bit. Thanks for showing us an old wiki with old links and no useful pages -NWP
: It's also hosted on a cheap free wiki site, giving it less credibility than our wiki.
Yeah HRE that was pretty bad. -SSL
:I noticed. The good thing is that this Wiki is orientated towards SMG hacking in general.-[user=123]

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