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Super Mario 64 DS

1. Code and Memory Modification
2. Objects and Level editing
3. Model and Collision Editing
4. Unorganised

todo: put stuff here that is in threads or youtube videos, but not if it's in the object database

ideas: editor overview/guide/changelog/features list
how to import model
hardcoded things

1. Code and Memory Modification

2. Objects and Level editing

3. Model and Collision Editing

4. Unorganised

If you mean change the starting level: You need to use a European ROM. Use NSMBe to 'Decompress Overlay'. Then go to 'Hex Edit' and for offset enter (0x)1ED20 and press 'Go'. Change the byte here to the ID of the level you want.

[reply="Fiachra"]Yes, it is possible.

There are several reasons there might be a white screen:
- Have you removed texture animations (go to 'Texture Animations'>'Remove All', then Save)?
- If so, do you get a warning when importing your level that the textures may be too big?
- Are all of your textures indexed PNG images (GIMP/Photoshop - Image>Mode>Indexed)? Sometimes they cause problems if they're not.
- If not, how many faces are in your model (should be fewer than ~5000)? The higher the number of polygons the fewer / detailed the textures you can have.
- If your polygon count is high, try making your collision map less detailed. You can do this when importing by setting 'Drop faces below' to a value greater than zero, eg. 0.001 or 0.0005. This will drop very small faces from your collision map that aren't necessary.[/reply]

[reply="Fiachra"]KCL is the format used for the collision map, documented here https://kuribo64.net/get.php?id=dBoosP8odmRmVDBF. It contains all of the faces from the model and assigns them a Collision Type, 0, 1, 2, 3... This flag is used as in index into the level CLPS table, this is a list of the collision types used in the level eg. solid, water, grass etc. The CLPS table is different for each level so while a collision type of 0 might be solid in one level, it could be water in another, depending on what the CLPS data for that level contains.

The option 'Copy CLPS from level' lets you copy the CLPS data from another level so that both have the same set of collision types. This means you don't have to worry about what types are what for each level you're editing. The one I tend to use is Jolly Roger Bay - 0 is solid, 8 is water.

For your level, try setting copying the CLPS data from JRB. You can set the collision types per material when importing a model - so if you have a material that should be solid, set its collision type to 0 and if you have one for water set it to 8. If you need to use a collision type from another level not included in JRB, you can manually add that entry to your level's CLPS table.[/reply]

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