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Stage Names (TP)

Dungeons (DUNGEON)
D_MN01Lakebed Temple
D_MN01ALakebed Temple Boss
D_MN01BLakebed Temple Miniboss
D_MN04Goron Mines
D_MN04AGoron Mines Boss
D_MN04BGoron Mines Miniboss
D_MN05Forest Temple
D_MN05AForest Temple Boss
D_MN05BForest Temple Miniboss
D_MN06Temple of Time
D_MN06ATemple of Time Boss
D_MN06BTemple of Time Miniboss
D_MN07City in the Sky
D_MN07ACity in the Sky Boss
D_MN07BCity in the Sky Miniboss
D_MN08Palace of Twilight
D_MN08APalace of Twilight Sub Boss
D_MN08BPalace of Twilight Hand Room 1
D_MN08CPalace of Twilight Hand Room 2
D_MN08DPalace of Twilight Boss
D_MN09Hyrule Castle
D_MN09AHyrule Castle Boss
D_MN09BHyrule Field Boss
D_MN09BHyrule Field Cutscene
D_MN10Arbiter's Grounds
D_MN10AArbiter's Grounds Boss
D_MN10BArbiter's Grounds Miniboss
D_MN11Snowpeak Ruins
D_MN11ASnowpeak Ruins Boss
D_MN11BSnowpeak Ruins Miniboss
Minidungeons (DUNGEON)
D_SB00Northern Hyrule Fields Ice Puzzle
D_SB01Cave of Ordeals
D_SB02Southern Hyrule Fields Lantern Cave
D_SB03Lake Hylia Lantern Cave
D_SB04Eldin Bridge Lava Cave
D_SB05Small Cave (Chus, Bomskits, Deku Babas & Rats)
D_SB06Small Cave (Chus, Keese, Rats & Baba Serpents)
D_SB07Small Cave (Chus, Keese & a Poe)
D_SB08Small Cave (Keese, Fire Keese, Bubbles & a Skultula)
D_SB09Lake Hylia Beehive Cave
D_SB10Faron Woods Tunnel
Exterior (FIELD)
F_SP00Ordon Ranch
F_SP102Hyrule Fields
F_SP103Ordon Village
F_SP104Ordon Woods
F_SP108Faron Woods
F_SP110Death Mountain
F_SP111Kakariko Village Graveyard
F_SP112Zora's River
F_SP113Zora's Domain
F_SP114Snowpeak / Snowpeak Temple
F_SP115Lake Hylia
F_SP116Hyrule Town
F_SP117Sacred Grove / Temple of Time
F_SP118Arbiter's Grounds
F_SP121Hyrule Fields
F_SP122Hyrule Fields
F_SP123Hyrule Fields
F_SP124Gerudo Desert
F_SP125Mirror Chamber
F_SP126Zora's River
F_SP127Faron Woods
F_SP128Hidden Village
F_SP200Golden Wolf (Hero's Spirit)
Interior (ROOM)
R_SP01Ordon Village Houses
R_SP107Twilight Hyrule Castle
R_SP108Faron Woods House
R_SP109Kakariko Houses
R_SP110Death Mountain Dojo
R_SP116Hyrule Town Pub + Underground
R_SP127Zora River Fishing Pond
R_SP128Impa's House
R_SP160Hyrule Town Rooms
R_SP161Hyrule Town Clawshoot Challenge
R_SP260Kakariko Ruins
R_SP300??? (unused?)
R_SP301Hyrule Castle Throne Room (unused?)
S_MV000Empty (unused)

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