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SMG Stage Filesystem

The SMG Stage Filesystem is split up into parts. And those parts are listed here:

File Description
Map Basically the whole level's objects. Inside of this archive are the objects, areas, gravity, cameras, paths, and points to the level.
Scenario The star and layer layout of the level. Can be extracted and it's contents can be viewed in the bcsv editor.
Design The Lighting to the level. (TODO: Look more into this.)
Light The light data used in the level. (TODO: Look more into on what this actually DOES.)
Sound The music and sound effects in the level are stored in here.
Ghost The ghost race data for the level.
Demo Cutscene and animation triggers are found in this file, the contents of the actual Demo are found in the map file.
UseResource The resource for finding objects that are stored in the level. The fields show it pointing to the model in ObjectData.
ZoneInfo Zone information for the galaxy.

1- Map
The most IMPORTANT type of archive in this whole game. This file stores where objects are placed, areas that are configured, camera data, path data, Debug information, Layers for certain stars, List info (Always has a Undefined entry), and much more.

2- Scenario
This is the most important file to comet changing and star adding. This configures how many stars are in a level, what type of star, and what type of comet, and how much time you get for the level.(Found only in the files that have the last part "Galaxy" in it.)

3- Design
This archive mostly holds lighting stuff. Like glares, tone, etc.

4- Light
Holds light information on levels. And effects.

5- Sound
Sound is basically....sound. It holds audio effects for levels, and the BGM Music (Backround Music).

6- Ghost
The ghost luigi that is in the level. This file can be opened, but it shows nothing in anarchy. So, we have to extract it using tools. When we do, there are file types called .gst and .pad files.(Found only in the files that have the last part "Galaxy" in it.)

7- Demo
Cutscene holders. They are filled with bcsv animations that configure triggered cutscene animations in-game. All have to be present for a certain type of animation.

8- UseResource
In this file, all of the objects in the levels' models are added here. Adding files to this isn't needed for proper functions in a level.

All of the zones and information to them are stored in here.

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