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SMG2 Security Management

There seems to be some security management strings at 80723CFC in the dol.

.data6:80723CFC aSecurityMana_8:.string "Security Manager: BTM_SetEncryption not connected"
.data6:80723CFC .byte 0
.data6:80723D2E .align 4
.data6:80723D30 aSecurityMana_9:.string "Security Manager: BTM_SetEncryption already encrypted"
.data6:80723D30 .byte 0
.data6:80723D66 .align 2
.data6:80723D68 aSecurityMan_10:.string "Security Manager: BTM_SetEncryption busy"
.data6:80723D68 .byte 0
.data6:80723D91 .align 3
.data6:80723D98 aSecurityMan_11:.string "Security Manager: BTM_SetEncryption Handle:%d State:%d Flags:0x%x Required:0x%x"
.data6:80723D98 .byte 0
.data6:80723DE8 aSecurityMan_12:.string "Security Manager: l2cap_access_req PSM:%d no resources"
.data6:80723DE8 .byte 0
.data6:80723E1F .align 4
.data6:80723E20 aSecurityMan_13:.string "Security Manager: l2cap_access_req PSM:%d no application registerd"
.data6:80723E20 .byte 0
.data6:80723E63 .align 2
.data6:80723E64 aSecurityMan_14:.string "Security Manager: l2cap_access_req PSM:%d postponed for multiplexer"
.data6:80723E64 .byte 0
.data6:80723EA8 aSecurityMan_15:.string "Security Manager: l2cap_access_req PSM:%d Handle:%d State:%d Flags:0x%x Required:0x%x"
.data6:80723EA8 .byte 0
.data6:80723EFE .align 4
.data6:80723F00 aSecurityMan_16:.string "Security Manager: trusted:0x%04x%04x Flags:0x%x"
.data6:80723F00 .byte 0
.data6:80723F30 aSecurityMana_5:.string "Security Manager: MX service not found PSM:%d Proto:%d SCN:%d"
.data6:80723F30 # DATA XREF: sub_80611DE0+1D4o
.data6:80723F30 # sub_80611DE0+1E4o
.data6:80723F30 .byte 0
.data6:80723F6E .align 4
.data6:80723F70 aSecurityMana_4:.string "Security Manager: connect request from not paired device"
.data6:80723F70 # DATA XREF: sub_8061207C+64o
.data6:80723F70 # sub_8061207C+6Co
.data6:80723F70 .byte 0
.data6:80723FA9 .align 2
.data6:80723FAC aSecurityManage:.string "Security Manager: rmt_name_complete status:%d State:%d"
.data6:80723FAC # DATA XREF: sub_806122B8+F8o
.data6:80723FAC # sub_806122B8+104o
.data6:80723FAC .byte 0
.data6:80723FE3 .align 2
.data6:80723FE4 aSecurityMana_0:.string "Security Manager: auth_complete status:%d State:%d"
.data6:80723FE4 # DATA XREF: sub_806125A0+40o
.data6:80723FE4 # sub_806125A0+4Co
.data6:80723FE4 .byte 0
.data6:80724017 .align 2
.data6:80724018 aSecurityMana_1:.string "Security Manager: mkey comp status:%d State:%d"
.data6:80724018 # DATA XREF: sub_806128E4+74o
.data6:80724018 # sub_806128E4+80o
.data6:80724018 .byte 0
.data6:80724047 .align 2
.data6:80724048 aSecurityMana_2:.string "Security Manager: encrypt_change status:%d State:%d"
.data6:80724048 # DATA XREF: sub_806129E0+3Co
.data6:80724048 # sub_806129E0+48o
.data6:80724048 .byte 0
.data6:8072407C aSecurityMana_3:.string "Security Manager: btm_sec_connected handle:%d status:%d enc_mode:%d"
.data6:8072407C # DATA XREF: sub_80612B5C+44o
.data6:8072407C # sub_80612B5C+58o
.data6:8072407C .byte 0

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