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File Extentions

The Galaxy series (Both games) use similar filesystems and filetypes. They are listed here.

1- ARC
Pretty much the archives for images, planet models, and levels.

Filled with tables of information for levels. Used for Scenarios, Object lists, flags, and more.

Text files. Used to edit the text in the game, as well as a ton of tags for certain images, aligning, size, and even more.

Another file for text. Not too much is known about this file, as of yet.

5- KCL(Used in a lot of games)
This is the basic collision for a planet. There are collision values for each texture that is on a model.

6- PA
This gets exported for collision too with the kcl. It's a form of bcsv.

7- AST
The music file format. This file has the music for the game.

An animation file for an image.

9- TPL
An image file. It holds an image in-game. It's used for the Logo, and much more.

10- BCK
Animations for a model in the game.

11- BDL
This is the model format for a planet, or any object.

12- AW
The sound effect files. This can't be edited yet, but soon it will be able to. It holds the character sounds, object sounds, and effects.

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