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Corresponding Object Functions

1. General Object Functions

First of all, if you haven't read Objects, read it and then come back to this page.

Because the object classes in SMG1 and SMG2 are both similar, it is theoretically possible to import SMG1 classes into SMG2. However, one problem is that the addresses in SMG1 are different from the ones in SMG2. To solve this problem, these are tables of all the object class functions and the addresses in both SMG1 and SMG2.

1. General Object Functions

Function or Vtable SMG1 Address SMG2 Address Notes
object_ctor 80165204 80237320
object_init 801659C4 8000C1E0 The SMG2 address is actually a stub named call_object_init, but all functions use that instead of object_init

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