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BRK file

1. File Format
    1.1. File header
    1.2. SVR1 section
    1.3. TRK1 section
2. Objects

BRK files are used in SMG games to create alternate object colors like pink Lumas or green Toads.

1. File Format

1.1. File header

Offset SizeDescription
0x00 8 J3D1brk1
0x08 4 File Size
0x0A 2 ??? (Always 0x01?)

1.2. SVR1 section

Unknown purpose. Always magic + padding
Offset SizeDescription
0x00 4 SVR1
0x04 12 Padding (all FF)

1.3. TRK1 section

Offset SizeDescription
0x00 4 TRK1
0x04 4 Section Size

2. Objects

This is a list of objects which use BRK files.

Object File
Butterfly Butterfly.arc/Butterfly.brk
Caretaker Caretaker.arc/BodyColor.brk
CaretakerHunter CaretakerHunter.arc/BodyColor.brk
EarthenPipe EarthenPipe.arc/EarthenPipe.brk
EarthenPipeInWater EarthenPipe.arc/EarthenPipe.brk
JetTurtle Koura.arc/Koura.brk
Kinopio Kinopio.arc/ColorChange.brk
KinopioAstro Kinopio.arc/ColorChange.brk
Monte Monte.arc/ColorChange.brk
NokonokoLand NokonokoLand.arc/NokonokoLand.brk
NokonokoLandBig NokonokoLandBig.arc/NokonokoLandBig.brk
PenguinRacer Penguin.arc/ColorChange.brk
PichanRacer PichanRacer.arc/ColorChange.brk
Tico Tico.arc/ColorChange.brk
TicoAstro Tico.arc/ColorChange.brk
TicoRail Tico.arc/ColorChange.brk
TicoReading Tico.arc/ColorChange.brk
TwisterSan** TwisterSan.arc/White.brk
TwisterSanSlim* TwisterSanSlim.arc/White.brk
UFOKinoko UFOKinoko.arc/ColorChange.brk
*: SMG2 only
**: SMG2 only, file needs to be patched in

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