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1. File Header

Present in: SMG1 and SMG2

BAA files are used in the Galaxy games as an archive for various info files to piece together sequenced music. The file in question is SMR.szs in /AudioRes. It's a Yaz0 compressed archive, but not the one you're familiar with (RARC). All info can be found in the source code for baad.

1. File Header

Anything after the magic is a section definition and can be in any order.
Offset Size Magic Data1 Data2 Data3 Notes
0x00 4 AA_< n/a n/a n/a The magic at the start of the file
??? 4 bst BST Offset BSTN Offset n/a "bst " WITH A SPACE. Extract it as *.bst
??? 4 bstn BSTN Offset BSTN End Offset n/a Extract it as *.bstn
??? 4 bsc BSC Offset BSC End Offset n/a "bsc " WITH A SPACE. Extract it as *.bsc
??? 4 ws WSYS ID WSYS Offset ??? "ws " WITH 2 SPACES. Extract it as *.wsys
??? 4 bnk BNK ID BNK Offset ??? "bnk " WITH A SPACE. Extract it as *.bnk
??? 4 >_AA n/a n/a n/a End of the header.

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