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03-30-23 06:02 PM

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Posted on 11-03-15 02:27 AM, in How Do I Import Custom SMG2 Levels? Link | #65391
I want to import custom smg2 levels in whitehole v 1.2 but there are no options to in whitehole when im editting a galaxy. How can I import custom levels?

Posted on 11-07-15 06:49 PM, in What tool do I import custom smg2 levels with? Link | #65539
I was told you do not import them with whitehole. So I was wondering which tool do I import custom smg2 levels with.

Posted on 11-12-15 02:17 AM, in What tool do I import custom smg2 levels with? Link | #65601
I mean import custom models. Whitehole doesn't allow for custom model importing :/

Posted on 11-15-15 10:40 PM, in What tool do I import custom smg2 levels with? Link | #65691
Uh, well, I dont have a custom model yet. I was wondering how I can import custom models before I started to work on smg2 custom levels. Thanks alot though.

Posted on 12-21-15 01:32 AM, in modify marios speeed limit? (rev. 2 of 12-21-15 01:33 AM) Link | #66436
I'm curious how i can modify marios speed limit, l want him to run a lot faster than intended. I know this can be done with AR codes, but i want this patched into my rom so they dont need to type an AR code.

EDIT: crud, i realised i should've posted this in the sm64ds help thread. I will do that in the future, sorry.

Posted on 12-21-15 02:56 AM, in Super Mario Star Land [Released!] Link | #66441
just curious why the creator was banned?

Posted on 12-21-15 06:54 PM, in SM64DS Editor Help Thread - Post your questions here Link | #66457
I get an unhandled exception when i put in the collision value for my water texture after i click assign textures. it says its an invalid string even though i got the string from skelux. I'm using the latest version, so I'm hoping the devs fix this bug in an update soon so i can start making my hack

Posted on 12-22-15 07:51 PM, in SM64DS Editor Help Thread - Post your questions here Link | #66485
whats the water value?

Posted on 12-22-15 10:12 PM, in modify marios speeed limit? Link | #66494
Thanks, but im confused on how to patch asm to my rom. Idk how to patch it with nsmbe

Posted on 12-24-15 06:43 AM, in SM64DS Editor Help Thread - Post your questions here (rev. 4 of 12-24-15 06:51 AM) Link | #66521
whenever i open my obj model in the level importer sm64dse crashes, how do i fix this?

will the devs release 2.4 soon? sm64dse seems way too unstable, i had to cancel 2 hacks i wanted to make because of this.

Posted on 03-05-16 10:35 PM, in Where can I learn ASM? (rev. 3 of 03-05-16 10:36 PM) Link | #68269
I'm wondering where I can learn DS ASM. Not specifically for sm64ds, I just wanna learn the format and how stuff works. Then I can start hacking SM64DS

Posted on 03-08-16 03:42 AM, in SM64DS Editor Help Thread - Post your questions here Link | #68338
how am i able to assign behavior to certain objects? Like i want to have a fly guy, but make him have the behavior of a goomba. This was very easy to do in toads tool 64, but i can't find the behavior value to change in sm64dse.

Posted on 03-09-16 12:25 AM, in Custom behaviour? (rev. 2 of 03-09-16 12:25 AM) Link | #68362
I'm starting to familiarize myself with arm asm, and I keep learning more. I want to start making some custom behaviours. Im just not sure where to start. I want to make it without overwriting the current behavior. I'm also not sure if this classifys as custom behavior, but I'm curious how I can make things happen to mario with a button press. Similar to fiachra's flood that lets you hover when you press a button. Thanks in advance.

Posted on 03-11-16 01:40 AM, in Custom behaviour? (rev. 2 of 03-11-16 01:40 AM) Link | #68418
Thank you, those examples are very helpful. Does it matter where I write the behavior in the games rom?

Posted on 03-12-16 01:35 AM, in Custom behaviour? (rev. 3 of 03-12-16 01:50 AM) Link | #68438
Alright, im currently attempting to turn marios balloon power up into a fire flower. Do you think this will be very complicated, should I start off coding simpler stuff and work my way up to this? im very new to arm currently.

my theory is that when you press Y, one of the fire balls that bowser spits out will spawn, but im going to need to modify the fire balls behaviour to not target mario, and instead go in a straight line(in the players current facing direction when Y was pressing)

Posted on 03-12-16 02:30 AM, in Texture problems in-game (rev. 2 of 03-12-16 02:31 AM) Link | #68439
having some texture problems in game.

My model in sketchup looks like this: https://gyazo.com/06e19b0582cd92e0cf0c3bdca3b12b49

but when i import it, it looks like this: https://gyazo.com/d1469a149d17fab00eac97871a5d353f

any idea what i could be doing wrong?

Posted on 03-12-16 11:15 PM, in SM64DS Editor Help Thread - Post your questions here Link | #68453
im trying to set up the asm patch template but im stuck on this step

"Open MSys and cd into the folder to which the *.zip file above was extracted."

I opened MSys, but whenever I press ctrl D in the asm patch template (extracted folder) nothing happens. idk what im doing wrong, im following what the steps say.

Posted on 03-13-16 03:28 PM, in Custom behaviour? (rev. 2 of 03-13-16 03:38 PM) Link | #68468
2 questions: 1. What program should i use to write C code in? I think on nsmbhd someone said something about using IDA Pro, but i'd rather confirm that its used for this purpose before installing it.

2. So this is what i should be using for step 2? https://gyazo.com/b4c1cb6757208fd686c9e385d89a603c

because im very confused if so

Posted on 03-13-16 05:23 PM, in Custom behaviour? Link | #68472
whenever i enter my address (0209F358) into the define break/condition it has some weird effects. First off, the game doesnt pause when i collect a coin, it either gives me 70 coins randomly, sets my coin count back to 0, and sometimes ill collect a coin and nothing will happen.

Posted on 03-13-16 05:45 PM, in Custom behaviour? (rev. 3 of 03-13-16 07:25 PM by Fiachra) Link | #68474
im just stupid and didnt put the exclamation mark XD, thanks, i found the value, its 0202A7D4

what are the arguments for SpawnActor? I'm very confused as I dont know the syntax for C
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Main - Posts by isceptul

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