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05-26-22 08:59 AM

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(post deleted) #65368

(post deleted) #65369

Posted on 11-04-15 07:55 PM, in Super Mario Sunshine 64 DS (rev. 2 of 11-04-15 08:25 PM) Link | #65435
i have a preview video made (it is uploading now!)
i may do a full let's play of it when it's released.
EDIT: video complete! here is the link: https://youtu.be/ZqOunrQeRCE

Posted on 11-05-15 03:42 PM, in Zero (Megaman Zero) in Super Mario 64 DS Hack [Released] Link | #65462
the download link does not work!

Posted on 11-21-15 12:29 PM, in Super Mario Sunshine 64 DS Link | #65804
i hope so too!

Posted on 12-09-15 01:34 PM, in Super Mario Star Land [Released!] Link | #66204
can someone who did patch the hack upload it on dropbox and set the link here?

Posted on 12-12-15 07:41 PM, in Super Mario Star Land [Released!] Link | #66278
i cannot set sm64dse on my pc that is the problem i tried it in XdeltaUI with the good rom but no succes :(

Posted on 12-30-15 09:34 AM, in Super Mario Sunshine 64 DS Link | #66722

Posted on 04-14-16 07:34 PM, in Super Mario Sunshine 64 DS Link | #69759
fiachra please give us a normal SM64DS but with FLUDD as a practice for SMSDS

(post deleted) #91608

Posted on 12-02-17 10:59 PM, in Excerpt from Super Mario 256 Link | #91609
Toad and Peach have fun flower powers!
But one question tho, there are only 3 doors so how will you select the other 2?

Posted on 12-03-17 11:18 AM, in Excerpt from Super Mario 256 Link | #91625
ow thx
how will you add 16 courses, there are only 15, is it possible with asm hacking or something?

Posted on 12-03-17 03:28 PM, in Super Mario The New Beginning Link | #91634
yeah I'm wondering too actually

Posted on 12-03-17 03:55 PM, in Excerpt from Super Mario 256 Link | #91635
and if you ever need an R4 tester, maybe I can help.
I have a R4i sdhc 3ds rts if you wanted to know.

Posted on 12-03-17 09:08 PM, in Excerpt from Super Mario 256 Link | #91642
Why does the game crash everytime I go into the test map?
On my emulator it works fine, but not on my R4...

Posted on 12-04-17 05:46 PM, in Excerpt from Super Mario 256 Link | #91673
Ow sorry, I'm kind of new around here, I didn't know that you could edit posts.
But I'm going to from now on ;)

Posted on 07-25-18 08:42 PM, in ASM requests (rev. 2 of 07-25-18 08:44 PM) Link | #95194
I have trouble creating ASM hacks, this is because I understand nothing about code.
That's why I'm looking for kind people that are willing to create a few ASM hacks for my upcoming hack:
Super Mario 64 DS 2: a new adventure.

Here are a few things I need:
1. make it so that whenever you save and exit, you keep your lifes instead of reverting them back to 4.
2. for tiny huge island (and other levels with sub areas), make it so whenever you switch sizes, silver stars dont respawn
3. skip the intro cutscene
4. remove the 100 coin stars
5. add a 8th star to each of the 15 main courses
6. make it so that whatever character hits a ? block with a feather inside gets the feather, not Mario only.

And you will be credited in all hacks that use the ASM code you created.

Posted on 07-26-18 12:21 PM, in ASM requests Link | #95200
Posted by Gota7
You can't just expect people to just make ASM for you, especially since a lot of these things are very ambitious. Here is what I know of so far:

1. That requires editing how the game saves and loads saves. A lot of work. Same goes for 5. 5 is even worse because the game will need to actually have to be able to count it, and another star would have to be added to the selection screen.

2. Kinda counter intuitive, but just use red-coins. Idk how this works at all.

3. Already has been done, you just haven't look hard enough. It's in the Additional Patches in the editor itself.

4. I'm sure this shouldn't be too hard, just overwrite some code somewhere.

6. I want this too, so if I do make it, I'll share the code. However, it requires object hacking which I don't know much about.

But the best solution is to actually go and learn assembly. Look up some ARM assembly tools. Once you do that, you can learn how inserting custom code works with NSMBe's make and insert. Start out with simple hacks like changing the number of lives or coins, then make you lose a life when you get a coin, etc.

So 1 and 5 are too hard (especially 5).
For 2 I can always use Red Coins I guess.
3 is already in the editor so no problems.
For 4 I'm going to try and learn ASM sometime.
And if you ever make and share code for 6, it would be really appreciated.

And I've already watched some tutorials of you online on how to compile and insert code.

Posted on 07-26-18 07:25 PM, in ASM requests (rev. 3 of 07-26-18 07:58 PM) Link | #95204
1. Maybe I will add it later if someone figures this out
2. I'm going to use Red Coins.
3. StarPants code
4. StarPants code
5. is way too hard so I will scratch that.
6. I'm trying it right now.
Edit: 6. is not working, could someone please help me?

Posted on 07-27-18 05:00 AM, in ASM requests Link | #95212
Thanks StarPants and Gota7!
I'm fine for now, thanks for the help.
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