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05-08-21 11:55 AM

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Posted on 04-23-13 01:29 PM, in Wario Land DS Link | #21258
Hello! I'm interested in making a Wario Land-themed SM64DS project. Skelux inspired me with his videos about replacing coins with carrots. If it's possible, I would like to edit Goombas and other objects to look like enemies from the Wario Land games. Can I replace the Star model with some other treasure like a Gameboy or NES?

I made a model of Kitchen Island last night, but the OBJ exporter in Sketchup won't let me export it. I ended up making an OBJ through Blender, but I keep getting errors when I try to upload the model into the stage Bob-Omb Battlefield. Does anyone know how I can optimize the model?


Posted on 04-23-13 04:36 PM, in Wario Land DS Link | #21268
Thank you for your help, and for your work on the editor!

I ended up having to re-draw all the faces and it finally worked. The textures I'm using are exported from levels in the game -- I was using the original levels for scale reference because I wasn't sure of the limits.

Do I have to include a King Bob-Omb fight and Koopa the Quick race in order to get their stars, or are levels free to have their "goal" star anywhere?

Posted on 04-23-13 08:25 PM, in Wario Land DS Link | #21282
Cool. I've never been good with textures/uv mapping. That transparent border effect kept me from working on this project for a long time. That, and Yoshi sometimes gets stuck in the ground when the level starts so he can't run or jump. I've tried adjusting the entrance warp, but the issue comes and goes.

Posted on 04-24-13 05:49 PM, in Wario Land DS Link | #21398
Thanks for your help, guys. I re-oriented all the faces and closed all the gaps so it works properly. The water now extends out a full map length in each direction. I'm thinking I should add a transparent skybox to keep from fall off the edge of the ocean.

What is the resolution setting for the minimap? I made a 128x128 pixel bitmap image, but I get two errors: The size and resolution don't match the original image, and that the image is too big for the array.

Posted on 04-25-13 11:15 AM, in Wario Land DS Link | #21430
Okay! The minimap works when I use photoshop.

What are the all the KCL assignments? (Water, lava, sand, ice, etc.)

I tried replacing the Star model with a NES (scaled to proportion), but the level doesn't boot up. I completely started a new file, placed a Star model into the castlegrounds, and it worked. Then I replaced the Star with the NES and it crashed. :/

Posted on 04-25-13 12:24 PM, in Wario Land DS Link | #21432
I was wondering about animations. Will messing with the star animation impact the title screen? I probably shouldn't mess with it right now anyway.

If I edit the textures of a Goomba to look like Gooms, will the animations for the Goomba still work? There are a lot of enemies that could be modified just slightly and they would look like they belong in Wario Land. Likewise, would Bob-omb buddies and Toad be able to talk if I replaced their models? How about the Koopa shell? It would be awesome to replace that with Wario's car.

Now that I think about it... is there a way to give Wario the powers of other characters: inflating, invisibility, spitting fire, the wing cap? Sorry for all the questions, but my mind is racing with all the possibilities.

Posted on 04-25-13 03:44 PM, in Wario Land DS Link | #21440
Thanks for your help!

I could not find the star_wait.bca or star_get.bca files. I found the other files and a return_star.bca. Skelux mentioned HEX editing for replacing the music for each stage, and I located the sound_data file. What do I need to do to import music?

Posted on 04-26-13 11:28 AM, in Wario Land DS (rev. 2 of 04-26-13 02:18 PM) Link | #21505
I found the Star animation files and put in the zeroes, but I still can't get it to work. The level editor won't even let me access any stages. Does it make a difference to remove the animations before or after replacing the model? EDIT: I think I may have compiled the source code wrong for the editor.

I just decided to spend last night working on some more levels. Here is Wario's Island from Wario Land 2, The Music Box from Wario Land 3, and the Golden Pyramid from Wario Land 4 with Wario's car & the Black Cat.


Posted on 04-27-13 09:41 AM, in Wario Land DS Link | #21601
Thanks! I was thinking about making a geosphere in Milkshape and sectioning off pieces of it to make the Globe overworld from Wario Land Shake It! Since the sphere can't rotate, I would use warps to go to the next section of the globe. Would I need to use a level that has warps to other models like the Cool, Cool Mountain slide or the inside the Volcano/Pyrmaid levels? How do the warps work exactly?

Now that I mention it, can I replace Peach's Castle Hub altogether and just make a room full of warp pipes? I'm thinking like the file selection screen from Wario Land imagined in 3D, but there would be a few rooms with star requirement doors that lead to the other games in the series just to add pacing.

How exactly do I compile the code for the new updates? I have Notepad++, but I don't know coding.

Posted on 04-27-13 09:04 PM, in Wario Land DS Link | #21664
Good stuff. Some of the warp-to levels don't have a list of star objectives, like the slides and whatnot. Does that mean I could make a quasi-overworld by using connecting warps? Muhahahaha!

Unfortunately, the AnkhSVN and other plugins do not work for the Express Edition of Visual Studio. I scoured the interwebs and that seemed to be the general consensus.

Posted on 04-28-13 01:33 PM, in Wario Land DS Link | #21726
You are brilliant! I got it to run and I'm testing stuff out.

I've been able to replace Toad and Bob-Omb Buddies, but I was wondering if the object options could include making a replaced object unique. If I replace Toad, all the Toads become the new model. Say I want to replace only one Toad, but keep the others. Would it mess up the object bank? If it's not possible, that's okay.

Posted on 04-28-13 02:03 PM, in Wario Land DS Link | #21735
I think I'll just make the NPCs a part of the level and just place a Signpost in them or next to them to give the illusion of being active objects.

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