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06-16-21 10:04 AM

Main - Posts by NoSkinnedKoopa

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Posted on 12-24-12 12:01 AM, in [Shiprock Galaxy] Shiprock Galaxy Level Design Link | #2069
If possible, introduce Ice Flower in this level. So Mario could skate across the shipyard and stuff.

Posted on 12-24-12 02:21 PM, in [Shiprock Galaxy] Shiprock Galaxy Level Design Link | #2101
I did say: "If possible"

Posted on 12-26-12 02:11 PM, in [Shiprock Galaxy] Shiprock Music Link | #2172
The music for this galaxy should be like a quiet-abandoned place but you know something is there kind of music. Not scary, but like empty.

Posted on 01-07-13 02:41 AM, in The Hub Location Link | #4366
That music doesn't really sound like a HUB theme, the song is too soft and quiet to sound like a HUB theme to me.

Posted on 01-07-13 03:05 AM, in List Of All Galaxies And Their Music Link | #4367
I think this song could sound good for Lunar Lagoon or Coastline Cavern. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDGMXBmfpFQ&list=UUu5As6UYBXsPym6pD9s2P1A What do you guys think?

Posted on 01-07-13 03:28 PM, in The Hub Location Link | #4450
Actually, It's not too soft and quiet, although it should be orchestrated; at least a little.

Posted on 01-07-13 09:13 PM, in [Lunar Lagoon Galaxy] Lunar Lagoon Level Design (rev. 3 of 01-07-13 09:32 PM) Link | #4552
Ok guys I came up with a great design concept for this, so let's just smash our ideas together.

Lunar Lagoon Galaxy
- Missions: 1 Normal, 1 Secret, 1 Comet, 3 Green
- Bosses: None
- Powerups: Green Shells
- NPCs: Penguins
- Enemies: Cheep Cheeps, Bloopers, Boos, Jack-O-Goombas, Gringrills
- Environment: Gloomy, Dark (Similar to the darkness from Planet Plains Star 2), Sunrise~Morning (For End of 1st mission)
- Terrain: Huge Main Planet that is for the normal mission, part of secret, & comet (holds 2 of the green stars there), the CrescentSeesawPlanet(from Boo Moon), and a full moon planet.
- Details: The Huge Main Planet will be like a gloomier, darker version of Jolly Roger Bay (not exactly like that level from SM64 don't worry) with a tall, stone wall outline trapping Mario from going outside the planet normally. Mario will land in the Main Planet at the beginning of each mission in the galaxy. The water in the planet will be very short and shallow, making it barely able for Mario to swim freely, but deep enough for some cheep cheeps to swim at the surface. Also inside the planet are a species of friendly Penguin NPCs. Just like JRB, there is an abandoned ship floating on the surface of the water. There will be some Rock Platforms on side to help Mario get on the ship. Also, if you swim under the ship to see the other side, you'll see the Comet Medal a bit above the water. On the ship, there is an entrance (EDIT: It will use a room entrance like the ones on Starship Mario.) that takes you inside the ship to the interior, which the main part of the 1st mission will be held. Now, once you exit the ship after doing the favor someone asked you to do (I will get to that), you will exit from a very high point on the ship that couldn't have reached by entering the ship at first. The first thing you will notice once you exit the from that high-pointed exit, is the nighttime darkness has gone away and it is dawn/sunrise. At this point the player unintentionally decides to get the normal star or the secret one. During the path of the secret star, the CrescentSeesawPlanet will be explore-able, and will tilt just as it did at Boo Moon Galaxy. There is also something else UNDER the Main Planet. It is another area in which the gravity will flip and you go on from there. In this part of the main planet, the water is much deeper, so Mario can swim freely but that also means Bloopers and Gringills will appear. It is also the first time Mario interacts with the Green Shell for underwater use. In the upside down view of the main planet, you see a full moon instead of a crescent one, which has something glowing on the full one. Finally, as I said, Mario lands on the first part of the main planet which has the Penguin home on the shore, but there is a problem there (Which I will finally explain).
- Written Level Designs
~Star 1: The Penguin Problem (Not Final Title)
Mario lands in a new deep dark galaxy, looking for adventure in this gloomy lake. But then, he sees an old Penguin looking all sad and gloomy. The old Penguin tells Mario, "Mmm.. I need help, you see, my children went to observe that old Ghost Ship when I told them several times not to go. I am way too old and weak to find them, perhaps you could me. There is a entrance on the ship that my children probably went through. Go through there and find them all, I will give you a great gift." So Mario proceeds and swims to the ship and uses the small rock platforms near the tall stones to get on the ship. Mario then sees a room entrance in the Captain's Quarters and walks in. Mario then ends up in a 2D hallway in the ship and reads signs to help to the player learn to swim in 2D. (If you don't already know). As you get in and out of the water enemies such as Jack-O-Goombas and Boos will attack you. Simply avoid or attack them to get out of your way. You then see the first checkpoint and the first penguin out of four and he tells you, "Hey I'm really scared, our hide and seek game got out of hand when these baddies show up. ... What? The Elder told you to come save us? Alright I'm going back. My brothers and sister are up ahead, just go that way." And then, a new path emerges, which takes Mario to the next part of the ship. Mario eventually sees another penguin. "Who are you? ... The Elder is worried? I'll be on my way then! My brothers raced up that direction, hopefully those baddies didn't get them!" Mario then swims to the next area and eventually sees the third penguin trapped in a barrier cage. Mario then defeats 4 Jack-O-Goombas to free the penguin and he tells Mario, "Thanks for saving man! I'm returning to the Elder, this place is nuts! My little brother said he was going for the top! Please rescue him as well!" Finally the final path opens, and then you get out of the water and do a quick wall jumping session, jump on some platforms and reach the final penguin and he says, "Haha! My brothers and sister could never find me! I am the ultimate Hide n' Seek Champion! ... Huh? The Elder wants me to go back to him? Well since I won, I'll go back. Here use that shortcut to get out of the ship, I know a better shortcut heh.." Mario uses that shortcut and gets out of the ship and sees that it is now sunrise. Mario jumps off from the Crow's Nest into the water and meets the Elder Penguin once again and he tells Mario, "Aahh, I thank you for bringing my children back safely, here take this thing I found in the water earlier." Then the Old Elder Penguin puts a star in front of you. Mario jumps then collects the star.
~Star 2/Secret: Two Moons, One Star
In the first mission, Mario exits the ship from the Crow's Nest after finding the penguins. To get the secret, don't jump down. There will be enough space for Mario to get a running start to do a Triple Jump. Do a Triple Jump to the stone wall to that has a little ledge. If you fall off, you must restart the mission to get back there again. Once Mario gets on that ledge, you see another ledge. Jump onto that ledge and you see a cannon. Use that cannon to shoot Mario to the Crescent Moon. Once you land on the CrescentSeesawPlanet, you'll see 5 star chips. Collect all 5 to unlock a Launch Star pointing down. Get in there, and it will launch you to the BOTTOM of the Main Planet. Once you land there, the gravity will change and you see another checkpoint. Also, it will turn back to night and you see a full moon. You then see another body of water. Except this time, it is really deep, so now Mario can swim freely in 3D for the first time there. But now, there are way more enemies. More Cheep Cheeps are swimming around both on the surface and underwater, Bloopers await your presence, Gringrills are waiting for their dinner, and a few Boos are in there as well. But don't worry, for this is also the introduction level for the Green Shell! Mario then realizes underwater there are blue star chips! After collecting all 5, a Pull Star appears leading the other moon with the star on it. Pull Mario to victory and grab that star!
~Star 3/Comet: Lunar Purple Coins
100 Purple Coins. Collect all of them. You should all know what to do. The Penguins will sit next to each other next to their shore home and cheer you on and give you some tips on where some purple coins are. The Purple Coins will be scattered! Some on the Main Planet, some UNDER the main planet, some on the moons, and some on the ship, but not in it. You will use warp pipes to help you get from top to bottom, and the full moon will have a warp pipe on the back that leads to the CrescentSeesawPlanet, and there will be a warp pipe back on that moon as well. Since this is World 1, I decided to have no time limit, although a lot more enemies. Once you collect all 100, the Star will appear on the CrescentSeesawPlanet.
~Star 4/Green Star 1
The first Green Star is hidden behind the Ghost Ship. Similar to where the Comet Medal was except a little more to the direction of the Crow's Nest. The only way to get it is to turn the camera 180 degrees to see it, then Long Jump to reach it.
~Star 5/Green Star 2
The second Green Star is hidden in the skies of the galaxy. Mario must go through the Ghost Ship again(ugh) and get to the Crow's Nest and Triple Jump to the ledge and get in the cannon. Then, you must look through the dark night sky until you see the Green Star. Aim carefully and fire!
~Star 6/Green Star 3
The third and final Green Star is located at the bottom of the Main Planet. So you must go through the Ghost Ship AGAIN(DUDE COME ON) and get to the Crow's Nest so you can Triple Jump and climb the ledges to the cannon. Fire at moon, get the star chips, jump in the Launch Star, and launch. Get the 5 blue star chips and uncover the Pull Star Path. Finally, instead of pulling to the moon, break out and pull when you are falling. That will pull you then use your falling momentum to shoot upward and grab the final star of Lunar Lagoon Galaxy.

Visuals/Models/Etc. Coming Soon, Thank you all for your time :3

Posted on 01-11-13 10:02 PM, in [Lunar Lagoon Galaxy] Lunar Lagoon Level Design Link | #5369
Woah woah woah! Guys, don't just trash this idea, I could still edit it. I didn't even have time to make the pictures or read your guys' responses. So, I will give it another shot.

Posted on 01-19-13 11:57 PM, in The Toad Brigade Link | #7790
I had an idea to replace Lubba with the Toad Brigade Captain, since he owns the Mega Starship.

Posted on 01-20-13 12:05 AM, in The Toad Brigade Link | #7793
I didn't mean like get rid of him for the whole game, just give him a different job. Like I remember we discussed that Lubba could be the mechanic on Mega Starship or something.

Posted on 01-20-13 12:37 AM, in Weather/Background Themes for World Map/Mega Starship Ideas Link | #7808
I just came up with this idea to have new backgrounds and weather effects for each world. Like in World 1, It will be all spacey and night sky stars-ish, instead of it being sunny like in SMG2. In World 2, we can have a background with a Huge Sun. While on the Mega Starship, and the Toads will be like tired and sweaty from the heat. In World 3, we could have an icy-spacey kind of background. On Mega Starship, it will be snowing and the Toads will be super cold, and wear warm clothing (If possible). In World 4, we could have a normal spacey background with a bunch of fog. And on Mega Starship, the Toads will be like, "Man, I can't this see anything with this fog! Is that you, Mario?" In World 5, there could be a background with grasslandy rainforest-like planets. And on the Starship, it will be raining, and most of the Toads will be inside, and others that are outside will have umbrellas or something. In World 6, instead of a black hole, it should be like a Sea of Lava as the background. And on the Starship, some of the Toads will be really scared, and the others would be really brave and excited. In World 7, just keep it as rainbows and stars. :P The themes don't have to be in this order, but I really like this idea! What do you guys think?

Posted on 01-20-13 12:53 AM, in Weather/Background Themes for World Map/Mega Starship Ideas Link | #7823
It's Mario logic. And making them cold with snow makes sense.

Posted on 01-20-13 12:59 AM, in Weather/Background Themes for World Map/Mega Starship Ideas Link | #7831
Posted by Polari
O_O How does it snow in space?

Then again, its Mario Logic. :P

Posted by NWPlayer123
*cough* my post.

I see that, and yes it might be possible later, I wasn't aiming to doing it now, and IMO, that would be cool to this, and it would make more players have fun around the Mega Starship.

Posted on 01-20-13 01:09 AM, in Weather/Background Themes for World Map/Mega Starship Ideas Link | #7846
Well, the Toads don't have to do stuff, It could be just the weather and the backgrounds.

Posted on 01-23-13 07:01 PM, in Weather/Background Themes for World Map/Mega Starship Ideas Link | #9131
Ok, can we at least use the background ideas?

Posted on 01-23-13 07:37 PM, in [Ground Growth Galaxy] Ground Growth Galaxy Level Design (rev. 2 of 01-23-13 07:37 PM) Link | #9148
Here's a cool boss concept by Glem3:
[16:32] <@Glem3> And that boss is… the silver chomp!
[16:33] <@Glem3> The silver chomp has only ONE weakness
[16:33] <@Glem3> Only ONE thing that can kill it:
[16:33] <@Glem3> A plant
[16:33] <@Glem3> So, where does it make the most sense to fight it? Ground growth!
[16:33] <@Glem3> You have to cover the planet with flowers
[16:33] <@Glem3> And once it's completely covered, those green things will pop up, allowing you to take him out!
I like that idea :P

Posted on 01-23-13 11:12 PM, in [Super Mario Galaxy] Super Mario Galaxy Star 1 Link | #9211
I got a little cool concept we could use for this galaxy - You choose a set of powerups that you are most comfortable with for the most hardest, frustrating trial in SMG2.5, here are your choices:
Set 1: Bee Mushroom and Cloud Flower
Set 2: Fire and Ice Flowers
Set 3: Boo and Spring Mushrooms
Set 4: Rock Mushroom and Spin Drill
Set 5: Red Star and Hyper Mushroom (MN1's custom powerup, I have no clue if we are using it, if we are/aren't, I will edit this post.)
Set 6: Yoshi and his edible food powerups
Set 7: Shells and Invincibility Star (Invincibility Star won't help as much as you think.)
This list could be edited according to your guys' opinions.

Posted on 01-23-13 11:22 PM, in [Super Mario Galaxy] Super Mario Galaxy Star 1 Link | #9215
Then how should it be organized?

Posted on 01-23-13 11:34 PM, in [Super Mario Galaxy] Super Mario Galaxy Star 1 Link | #9220
They don't have to be similar, but Rainbow and Shell are a good balance of weak and strong.

Posted on 01-24-13 01:35 AM, in Nintendo's E3 2013 Poll Link | #9241
Nintendo just announced a bunch of stuff at the previous Nintendo Direct. They will show these games at this year's E3, and I want to know which games make you guys pumped? I'm most excited for Wind Waker HD and Next 3D Mario Game.
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