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05-29-24 10:00 PM

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Posted on 01-22-15 02:12 PM, in Super Mario Sunshine 64 DS Link | #54963
I'm not sure if this would work or if this is even a good idea but is it possible for each character to have a different nozzle? Or maybe make it so when Mario collects Luigi's cap he stays Mario but gets a different nozzle by swapping Luigi's model with Mario? Or would that make some weird taller skinnier Mario?

Posted on 06-06-15 05:36 AM, in Super Mario 64: A New Adventure(UPDATE: Course Preview Added 05/25/2015) Link | #60713
The area with the bridge reminds of Snowhead from Majora's Mask.

Posted on 02-03-16 10:39 AM, in [CANCELED!!!] NSMB2.5 The Adventure Unfolds Link | #67476
I see that dog and I hope to see it in the final release.
Kidding of course, but good luck on the hack

Posted on 12-26-18 10:49 AM, in Super Mario 64 DS Nonstop (Help) Link | #96909
Hi, I'm a complete novice with literally 0 hex editing / ASM experience but I want to try to make a nonstop code / ROM for SM64DS
If you're unaware, the nonstop code for SM64 skips the "star get" animation and doesn't force you out of the level.
I'm looking for a way to do something similar for DS but I have no clue where to start. Any help would be really appreciated.

Main - Posts by EnchantedTorch

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