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06-14-24 06:50 PM

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Posted on 07-10-14 01:59 PM, in Super Mario 64 DS Multiplayer Enhanced? Link | #43907
I would attempt this, but unfortunately I know very little with Super Mario 64 DS hacking, but I'm sure someone here who knows very well how to hack it could look deeper into this concept of mine.
Does anyone know if it would be possible to:

- Disable the function that calls for there to be a timer in VS Mode (Infinite time)
- Swap the VS mode's model/object of Peach's Castle Grounds with the normal single player Castle Grounds
- Load the four player Yoshi objects in the single player castle grounds map and every other map throughout the castle and courses

And have your self a four player multiplayer adventure?

Posted on 07-10-14 02:22 PM, in Super Mario Sunshine 64 DS Link | #43910
Nice progress Fiachra!
I haven't spoken with you since Yahoo Messenger and I was meaning to contact you about the secret course you wanted me to design for the project.
Anyway, all of this is amazing. If you need help with anything, please feel free to let me know. (:

Posted on 01-09-15 09:32 PM, in Super Mario Land 64 - The Super Mario 64 Prologue (rev. 22 of 11-29-16 06:50 PM) Link | #54089
boxart by Halcyon

Super Mario Land 64, is a Major ROM hack currently in development that serves as an unofficial sequel to Super Mario 64 and takes place right after the events of the Nintendo GameBoy title, Super Mario Land 2: The Six Golden Coins.

The most important priority with this hack:

is to keep its 90's charm, meaning everything needs to look similar to Super Mario 64 in a sense,
such as simple geometry and flat level design, so that it's almost convincing to be a truthful long-lost sequel.


After Mario had defeated the evil King Koopa and saved the damsel in distress, Mario sends an invitation to Princess Peach to come on down to Mario Land to celebrate. After the arrival, the folk of Mario Land start becoming violent and hateful. Mario finds this familiar, as something similar occurred in his kingdom, when Wario brainwashed the citizens of Mario Land to destroy Mario. After seeking for an answer in one of the zones, Mario returns to find that the princess has mysteriously disappeared from Mario Land. Could it be that an evil has kidnapped the princess once again? Now it's up to Mario to find out who's behind this and to put an end to this corruption in Mario Land once more.



- 120 or more power stars to collect
- Reminiscent atmospheres and geometry; nostalgic scores
- The original Super Mario Land 2 overworld, returning as the Main HUB in a fully replicated 3D HUB world variation for you to explore.
- Crazy amounts of secrets and bonus stages that will keep you searching and exploring for days
- Sequel-like adaptions. Example: Mario's special triple jump returns, because it's where everyone leaves off when SM64 is completed, etc.

Preview of a working 'kart' for Super Mario Land 64


If you have any recommendations for the project, please feel free to leave me a reply on the thread, or send me a PM. Any potential ideas are admirably appreciated.
Testers will be considered near completion. The development testers have already been chosen.

Posted on 01-10-15 03:51 AM, in Super Mario Land 64 - The Super Mario 64 Prologue Link | #54093
Posted by Yami
I've seen a couple of SM64 Hacks before, but this one is simply amazing (at least, looking at the Trailer)!
I'm looking forward, for a Release.

Thank you very much! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. (:

Posted on 01-21-15 03:04 PM, in Post your desktop! Link | #54851
So, this is my desktop setup. (My OS is Windows 8.1)

Main desktop:

Classic Start Menu:

My Start Screen:


Posted on 01-21-15 04:56 PM, in Super Mario Land 64 - The Super Mario 64 Prologue (rev. 3 of 01-21-15 04:57 PM) Link | #54863
Posted by OrangeDude
Looks great! Although don't you think it's a bit misleading when the screenshots are in full colour, but the trailer is in black and white?

The black & white film was only for the trailer itself. It will have nothing to do with the actual hack.

Posted by Russmarrs2
Looks amazing! :D

Posted by MPG
Interesting. Looking forward to this. :)

Posted by Spacey
Nice work Vertrex! This looks really fun, cant wait to see it finished. Ill definitely play it when its finished, it looks like you put a lot of hard work in to this project to get it done so its bound to be good!

Posted by Yami
I've seen a couple of SM64 Hacks before, but this one is simply amazing (at least, looking at the Trailer)!
I'm looking forward, for a Release.

Posted by Nintega-Dario
Looks cool; I can't wait to try this out. :D

Posted by Tierage
I've never really been interesting in Super Mario 64 hacking, but this looks like it will be really good. Maybe I'll try this out when it's available?

Thank you. B-)

Posted by pieordie1
Looks kinda flat, but i noticed its supposed to be "90s themed" so the design fits. Good job :D

EDIT: Nice waterfall by the way :D

Yeah, one of the biggest priorities is keeping the style like the original Super Mario 64, so I often refrain from putting in too much detail. Overall, I still keep everything organized and spiffy to have that clean look to it.

Posted on 01-22-15 06:36 AM, in Super Mario Land 64 - The Super Mario 64 Prologue Link | #54951
Posted by NintendoFan
So, uh... I know you just released a trailer, but when do you expect to release this or a demo? This looks like a good hack.

I have considered releasing a small demo, but decided against it for too many reasons to begin explaining.
There's isn't any specific release date, but I'm hoping to have it finished as soon as I can.

Posted on 01-23-15 12:40 AM, in Luigi Circuit in Super Mario Sunshine (rev. 2 of 01-23-15 12:40 AM) Link | #55023
Video preview:

Once I implement the "8 red coins" challenge on this map, consider a release.

I also ported Mushroom Ridge into Super Mario Sunshine:

Posted on 01-24-15 04:54 AM, in Luigi Circuit in Super Mario Sunshine Link | #55087
Posted by Gmanextreme9
Wait, isn't that Shroom Ridge from Mario Kart DS? How did you get in Sunshine?

Ported it just like Luigi Circuit. :P

Posted on 01-27-15 11:00 PM, in Super Mario Sunshine 64 DS (rev. 2 of 01-27-15 11:08 PM) Link | #55368
Posted by Fiachra
Also, since F.L.U.D.D. is only available to Mario, that makes the other characters' abilities quite unbalanced against Mario's so I'd like to try to give them an extra power-up as well; if anyone has suggestions for what these should be, please post them.

Without a doubt, Luigi needs the Poltergust for sure.
In Luigi's Mansion, the Poltergust also had capabilities of spraying water, blowing fire, and blowing ice;
I feel like you could do a lot with those mechanics. There are many things you could do to make the Poltergust work better as well. For an example, the Poltergust 3000 was the first Poltergust to exist. The Poltergust 4000 was an actual kart in DS. The Poltergust 5000 was the latest in Dark Moon--What I'm saying is, you could make a Poltergust 4500 and give it your own capabilities.

Some examples:
~ Have Luigi blow air to hover (but if in the air too long, the Poltergust will overheat and you will fall)
~ Luigi could spray water from the hose, but would require water re-filling.
~ Luigi could have something similar to the rocket nozzle where instead, he could purposely over heat the Poltergust to let out fire and blast him high in the air.

As for Yoshi:
~ Yoshi could spray juice out of his mouth and would need to eat fruit to re-fill up.
~ Enable Yoshi to have the ability to wall jump

Absolutely clueless on that one.
I like the idea that you're actually planning on giving the game more variety by providing the different characters with power-ups of their own, besides F.L.U.D.D.

Regardless, implement the Poltergust for Luigi. It would be ideal and fitting since not only did SMS reference to Luigi sucking up the ghost in Hotel Delfino, but E. Gadd created both devices and I'm most certain the Poltergust would be doable.

Posted on 01-30-15 05:32 PM, in Super Mario Land 64 - The Super Mario 64 Prologue Link | #55548
Posted by SuperMario2
This looks amazing. good job Vertrex

Thank you. B-)

Posted on 02-02-15 07:37 PM, in Super Mario Land 64 - The Super Mario 64 Prologue (rev. 4 of 02-05-15 10:13 PM) Link | #55749
Luigi will be making his way to Mario Land in Super Mario Land 64


Luigi model provided by Cjes

Posted on 02-03-15 02:09 PM, in Super Mario Land 64 - The Super Mario 64 Prologue Link | #55800
Posted by maor322
Wow. Awesome. So cool. Will we be able to play with mario and luigi or mario will be replaced by luigi?

The player will have an option to choose Mario or Luigi before starting a file.

Posted on 02-03-15 07:11 PM, in Super Mario Land 64 - The Super Mario 64 Prologue Link | #55812
Posted by Polari
Will there be any differences between Mario mode and Luigi mode?

Good question. I haven't actually thought of making them different in any way (gameplay wise).

Posted on 02-03-15 08:17 PM, in Super Mario Land 64 - The Super Mario 64 Prologue Link | #55816
Posted by NintendoGamer
Wow, this is awesome! I've got a question:

On the Peach Gardens, what happens if you bump into the walls or the flowers?

The Kart will explode and cause damage on Mario, resetting itself to the start again.
Peach Gardens won't be in Super Mario Land 64. However, Banshee Boardwalk is making its way into the game as a Mario Kart bonus stage in the Pumpkin Zone as a replacement.

Posted on 02-04-15 05:20 PM, in Super Mario Sunshine 64 DS Link | #55863
Posted by Fiachra
In levels that require or it suits to have climbable trees I'll use trees based on those Sunshine Isle ones but where they're more a decorative feature I'll make them bigger and similar to SMS' trees but you won't be able to climb them. I'll be trying to avoid 2D ones.

Yeah, the original 2D Bubbly Trees wouldn't look right at all in your hack. The 2D palm trees would look fine for certain maps, but I'd definitely go with the palm trees from Sunshine Isle to make the levels look full.

Posted on 02-04-15 08:30 PM, in My thoughts on where SMG is going. Link | #55873
SMG hacking is okay, but it's definitely not my cup of tea.
Like you said, the game is too fragile. There are other games that are much better to hack.

Posted on 02-05-15 10:41 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy: Plumber's Way [SMG2 Hack] Link | #55912
This hack is looking good so far. Nice work! B-)

Posted on 02-05-15 10:46 PM, in Post your desktop! Link | #55913
Splitwirez made me this start menu theme for me. Absolutely wonderful.


Posted on 02-05-15 11:02 PM, in Mega Man, Proto Man and Zero in SM64DS [wip] Link | #55917
It's riveting to see Mega Man in this game.
Nice work!
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