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06-02-23 08:40 AM

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Posted on 01-11-14 04:49 PM, in Model Importing Question Link | #37476
Hi everyone,

I'm new to Super Mario Galaxy hacking so I apologize if I ask any n00b questions. But anyway, I'm trying to import a model into Whitehole. I followed Goembario's tutorial on how to turn obj to bdl and all that stuff. I managed to see my (little glitchy) model in Whitehole. But when I tried testing it, the game crashed before the title screen appeared.

Not sure what to do to fix this?

Posted on 01-11-14 04:53 PM, in Model Importing Question Link | #37478
Do I need to scale the model down in Whitehole more, or is the model itself too big?

Posted on 01-11-14 05:01 PM, in Model Importing Question Link | #37482
I did add it to ProductMapObjDataTable, but the model was extracted from Super Mario 64 DS. Is that not possible to do?

I put the model over MrRean's blank template of RedBlueExGalaxy.

Posted on 01-11-14 05:03 PM, in Model Importing Question Link | #37484
Yes, and the ModelName to my level's name.

Posted on 01-11-14 06:09 PM, in Model Importing Question Link | #37488
Um OK here's a link to some files I used. I didn't know which files to put on the download, so I just put a few of the more important files I had. Let me know if there's not enough.


Posted on 01-11-14 07:13 PM, in Model Importing Question Link | #37491
Thank you everyone, I finally got the model onto the game! But now, there's a few more problems. :(

1. When Mario flies into the galaxy, he dies. But his respawn point is correct.
2. There are many random spots where Mario just falls through and dies.
3. The textures are messed up and some don't work the way I made them in the Collision editor.

Posted on 01-12-14 03:41 AM, in Model Importing Question Link | #37509
Hi everyone, again.

Now I have the model perfectly on the game. But the collision is all out of whack.

For one, everytime I move, Mario just floats across the ground. In random spots can I walk, but can't jump. This is the first time I've ever imported a model, so I don't really know what I'm doing while fiddling around with the settings.

Posted on 01-19-14 07:01 PM, in Model Importing Question Link | #37765
Hey it's me the n00b again. Could someone please explain how msbt files work?

I've used msbconv to edit RedBlueExGalaxy's msbt file. When I convert it back, the game freezes.
And I do have the appropriate NPC in the level with the correct MessageID.

Posted on 01-19-14 07:11 PM, in Model Importing Question Link | #37767
yaz0 compress what file?

Posted on 01-19-14 07:44 PM, in Model Importing Question Link | #37772
Here U Go MrRean.


Posted on 01-19-14 08:11 PM, in Model Importing Question Link | #37780

Followed what you said Rean, but it still froze. Could it be the .msbt file itself?

Posted on 01-19-14 09:48 PM, in Model Importing Question Link | #37782
Thanks MrRean, it did work.

And I was able to add another working Bob-omb Buddy ;)

Hopefully I'll be able to post my level soon.

Posted on 01-20-14 02:47 PM, in My First Custom Level (rev. 2 of 01-20-14 02:47 PM) Link | #37802
Hi everyone,

After everything I went through to model and add stuff and text, I finally finished my first level and am releasing it. It is a model of Bob-omb Battlefield. I believe that another model of this was already made, but I wanted to make my own version of it and not steal someone else's.

Here's a pic of what the start looks like. The course is actually backwards. Because of that, I named it Bob-omb Backwardsfield. Sketchup seems to flip the model when it exports, and I don't really know how to fix that... :P
There are a few minor bugs that I will point out.

This picture shows a tree. The black and white area under it is actually the texture for a tree shadow in Super Mario 64 DS. But, trees give off their own shadow in SMG2, so the texture's worthless. :P Also the textures are screwed up, but the model came with
it like that.

Here you can see the tunnel that had the mushroom in it. The camera doesn't follow you through it, so the mushroom can't be seen while going for it. Also, the fence at the top is made out of those pinball walls on the rock mario stage, so there's a cool glitch where you can climb up the whole wall.

This is the bridge that's on the mountain. The problem with it is that when you duck on it, you can't stand up until you get off of it. I have no idea how that happened. :P

The last glitch I know of is that there is this invisible part of the model on this section of the course. Just walk around it lol.

So yeah that's a pretty long thread for a first level, but I just wanted to let you all know if anyone wanted to try it out. Oh yeah, and it's possible to fall off the course if you walk off the grass walls on the edges.

Here's a download: https://kuribo64.net/get.php?id=CrL5g56vus7r1dFK
I've seen people mad that every single everybody replaces Flip-Swap. Well, this is my first course, and if I make any others, they will be on a different galaxy.

EDIT: forgot to mention that the first star and green stars work, but haven't edited the purple coin one.

Posted on 01-23-14 10:52 PM, in The Super Smash Bros Thread! Link | #37927
I agree that the picture is fake because I just don't see Sakurai leaking any pictures of characters or new things while the game is still in development. But like Starlight said, maybe she'll be released from Sakurai for real one day...

Posted on 01-26-14 12:22 AM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2 Questions Link | #37995
Is it possible to change the time limit amount on purple coin stars? (or any type of time limit star)

Posted on 01-26-14 03:41 AM, in SMG Hacking Tutorials, in video form! [coming soon] [in development] Link | #38000
This looks like it would be very helpful! Seems like it would be very difficult on you though.

Would you be uploading it to Kuribo64's uploader or youtube?

Posted on 01-26-14 07:49 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2 Questions Link | #38019
Whenever I get the files off of the Scenario.arc with ArcExtract, then pack them, Whitehole doesn't open the galaxy.
But when I get the files off of the arc with rarcdump, the bcsv editor won't open the scenariodata.bcsv, but opens the other two files fine.

Posted on 01-29-14 09:04 PM, in The Birthday Wishes Thread Link | #38112
Happy birthday PaperplateismGuy and Timmy! ;)

Posted on 01-30-14 12:53 AM, in Making a custom level, and need theme suggestions Link | #38119
I'd say maybe snow. A ruins level would be cool too.

Posted on 06-27-14 05:25 PM, in Another Super Mario 3D [RELEASED] Link | #43172
Really amazing, as usual skawo. Wish I was as good as you lol. I'll try it soon!
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