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06-14-24 06:54 PM

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Posted on 12-05-13 12:25 PM, in The Introductions Thread Link | #35674
Hello everybody.

I'm a NSMB Hacker who frequents the New Super Mario Bros. Hacking Domain and I've been meaning to make an account here for, well about a year.

I'm known for my hacks "New Super Mario Bros. 5: Clone Tag Team" and its upcoming sequel, but my experiences with hacking go way back to the early days of SM64 hacking, having been a part of over 10 hacking projects (though over half of which never saw the light of day, sadface.png). I've been interested with SMG hacking for a while now, being a lurker at the old SMG2.5 board.

I didn't come here to be a rockstar hacker, rather just contribute to conversation, and maybe help out with SMG2.5 when I can.

Anyway, I hope you'll all enjoy my presence.

Posted on 12-06-13 12:28 AM, in Super Mario Sunshine 64 DS (rev. 2 of 12-06-13 12:34 AM) Link | #35704
If you're interested in importing music from Mario Sunshine, you're welcome to borrow from my .sdat file of my NSMB hack. It contains music from Bianco Hills, Pinna Park and the Underwater City. They're not perfect, but they are pretty good and catchy as ever.

Posted on 12-06-13 07:27 AM, in Super Mario Sunshine 64 DS Link | #35714
I'll PM you some videos so you can have a listen.

Posted on 12-07-13 04:06 AM, in RIP Nelson Mandela [:(] Link | #35750
Mandela was essentially South Africa's Gandhi. He will be missed.

Posted on 12-07-13 04:34 AM, in The CTRL+V Game (rev. 2 of 12-09-13 01:06 AM) Link | #35751

It's not what it looks like.

Posted on 12-07-13 04:37 AM, in The Super Smash Bros Thread! Link | #35752
I assume Skull Kid's ability would be to make the Moon fall onto the stage, like Snorlax.

Posted on 12-07-13 04:39 AM, in The Nintendo News thread [Official Thread!] Link | #35753
Posted by NWPlayer123

Pretty sure what Reggie meant was that Year of Luigi merchandise will continue to be available.

I wouldn't expect anything new after 2013.

Posted on 12-09-13 01:34 AM, in Super Mario Galaxy & 2 Favorite Compositions (rev. 2 of 12-09-13 01:40 AM) Link | #35854

-Comet Observatory v1 (It's so charming with only a few instruments)
-Comet Observatory v2 (Again, charming)
-Good Egg Galaxy (It's quite inspiring)
-Bowser Course (Any updates on SM64 music is welcome from me)
-Bowser Battle (Epic, somehow reminds me of SMB3)
-Boo Waltz (Kinda sad, makes me nostalgic for some reason)
-Gusty Garden (Seriously, how can this not be everyone's favourite?)
-Toy Time Galaxy (BA-DA DA, BA-DUM DUM!)
-Hell Prominence (Starts out glacially slow, but it's worth waiting for the climax)
-The Girl's Sadness (Really resonated with me as the more depressing side of Mario)
-Galaxy Reactor (I have no words to describe this other than 'awesome')
-Credits (Really emotive for a Mario game)
-Family (For a single instrument, it does an exceptional job at setting the mood)

-Sky Station (Did a good job of setting the feel for the rest of the game)
-Starship Mario v1-3 (How peaceful, yet active)
-Yoshi Star (Just sounds fun, period)
-Fluffy Bluff (This track has got to be the Gusty Garden of #2, but this one's so underrated)
-Hightail Falls (Makes me wanna play my SNES)
-Bowser Course (Takes #1's track and makes it sound so much better with live instruments)
-Freezy Flake (It's so cute, I wish Australia got snow)
-Starshine Beach (I want to run around in this level forever just to breathe in the Sunshine-nostalgia)
-Fleet Glide (Finds a way to make Mario intense, but fun)
-Melty Monster (I wish all Mario games had a more mature element to it)
-Time Attack (Made the game feel like there was a genuine threat, and is epic as hell. It belongs in a film soundtrack)
-Throwback (My god, this theme. This theme. I almost died)
-Galaxy Generator (So emotive, why aren't all Mario games like this?)
-The Fated Final Battle (Probably the most passionate Final Boss composition in any Mario game)
-Credits (Like a reprise of the entire soundtrack, left me feeling great)
-The Baby Luma and the Hat (The perfect theme to close a game, it almost had me in tears)

Posted on 12-20-13 02:58 AM, in The Mishmash game! Link | #36347
Anti-Social Porn Star.

(post in restricted forum)

(post in restricted forum)

(post in restricted forum)

Posted on 03-10-14 01:52 AM, in (Cancelled) Super Mario 64 DS: Superstar Saga (DS Port) Link | #39344
You'll have to add extra details to the models to make up for the original game's fixed camera design. There'll be a lot of environments where there would have been something beyond the screen and you'll want to update the graphics because 2D tilesets from a 16-Bit console simply won't transfer into a 3D game engine well.

Posted on 03-26-14 01:32 PM, in Super Mario DS Land[OLD THREAD] Link | #39633
Posted by Megaman511again
Wow, that was fast.

Why did you give up on SMDS Galaxy already?

Should've seen him on DSHack.

Posted on 03-27-14 12:54 AM, in Super Mario Sunshine 64 DS Link | #39645
Posted by DiosGG
i have some questions fiachra:
1)this will be a rom to download or we will need to patch it or something? i hope its a rom because im bad doing that things xD
2)this game will have all sunshine levels? in the sunshine levels you will do new stars right? and this game will have some new levels by you as i saw. the world inspirated in world 4 of new super mario bros its amazing... and you port of super mario sunshine levels is so good.... im so excited for this hack and i will record it for my youtube channel as soon as you put it for download! also if you need testers for this game i would be so happy if you choose me.
keep the good work :D

The answer to both your questions are already in this thread.

Posted on 04-04-14 06:04 AM, in Another Super Mario 3D [RELEASED] Link | #39842
Production is moving along pretty fast, it seems.

(post in restricted forum)

(post in restricted forum)

(post in restricted forum)

Posted on 05-22-14 11:05 AM, in Another Super Mario 3D [RELEASED] Link | #41626
I like NoThisIsStupider's idea. Infiltrating a fort is a cool theme.
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