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09-22-21 01:15 AM

Main - Posts by blimpfruit00

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Posted on 11-09-13 01:31 PM, in [Fearsome Factory Galaxy] Fearsome Factory Galaxy Link | #34715
Would it be possible to place an undergrunt gunner as the miniboss?

Posted on 11-11-13 09:02 AM, in [Fearsome Factory Galaxy] Fearsome Factory Galaxy Link | #34765
I don't have much experience in coding, so would it be possible to use the electrical undergrunt gunner from the first game?

Posted on 11-11-13 09:06 AM, in [Fearsome Factory Galaxy] Fearsome Factory Galaxy Link | #34767
Well, if it is possible, we should shorten it so that you won't need the spring mushroom to defeat it.

Posted on 11-11-13 04:56 PM, in [Fearsome Factory Galaxy] Fearsome Factory Galaxy Link | #34782
Well, maybe we could have some kind of puzzle where you need to lead a bullet bill to a cage containing a yoshi egg so you can defeat the undergrunt gunner.

Posted on 11-12-13 04:54 PM, in [Fearsome Factory Galaxy] Fearsome Factory Galaxy Link | #34831
Good point. So, what else what could we use for a miniboss, assuming that we are having one?

Posted on 11-13-13 08:17 AM, in [Fearsome Factory Galaxy] Fearsome Factory Galaxy Link | #34851
It would kind of make sense for there to be some sort of boss fight in what's supposed to be bowser's main factory.

Posted on 11-13-13 05:01 PM, in [Fearsome Factory Galaxy] Fearsome Factory Galaxy Link | #34876
Posted by NWPlayer123
Who says this has to do anything with Bowser :P
His factory is gravigen extractor, duh. Just not in the way you would think.

Shoot. In retrospect, I should have read more carefully.

Posted on 11-13-13 05:08 PM, in [Shrapnel Sandbar Galaxy] Shrapnel Sandbar Galaxy Level Design Link | #34877
If Squizzard is going to be the boss, we should try to implement the fire flower in the rest of the level.

Posted on 11-13-13 08:54 PM, in [Fast Food Galaxy] Fast Food Galaxy Level Design Link | #34890
I remember seeing a video where someone set off the starbit volcano in yoshi star galaxy by using infinite yoshi flutter jump, because, apparently, the animation was caused by the height that mario reaches. Just saying that in case we do end up using the soda thing.

(post deleted) #34896

Posted on 11-14-13 05:35 PM, in [Flarefrost Galaxy] Flarefrost Galaxy Level Design Link | #34913
Maybe we could make lava flows that you need to wall jump up?

Posted on 11-14-13 10:19 PM, in Discoveries Link | #34927
Posted by Luigi
It seems to have been triggered by a switch. But it's ever activated.

Also, sorry about snapping at you. I'm in a bit of a trippy mood :P

Actually, it is possible to use the launch star in-game by jumping off the top of the tree where the power star is located in the first mission. You can use the launch star to get back up to the top. Idk about why it was even included, but it was.

Posted on 11-15-13 10:24 PM, in Corrupt-A-Wish (Game) Link | #34964
Granted, but then they ignite the oxygen, burning the Earth.

I wish that Pokemon were real.

Posted on 11-16-13 05:56 PM, in Yet Another SMG2.5 Reform Thread (YASRT) Link | #34993
I'm on board with this. It worked for MKwii, so why not for smg?

Posted on 11-17-13 06:27 PM, in [Riddle Ruins Galaxy] Riddle Ruins Concept (WIP) Link | #35055
I don't think you should use the rolling ball thing, since nintendo already did it in SMG 1.

Posted on 11-17-13 06:59 PM, in [Riddle Ruins Galaxy] Riddle Ruins Concept (WIP) Link | #35059
Posted by Luigi
Just because it's already used doesn't mean we can't repeat it. It's when it's used a lot is when it's not acceptable.

Well, we should at least add some other thing to it so that it isn't just a blatant reusal.

Posted on 11-17-13 07:17 PM, in Discoveries Link | #35060
When you run into a fire flower with a rainbow star, the flower gets kicked away.

Posted on 11-17-13 07:39 PM, in Video Game Music Tourney - Submissions (rev. 4 of 11-19-13 05:21 PM) Link | #35065
http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XDtR0dQTt3I-Galacta Knight Battle-Kirby Super Star Ultra
http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Mll2EwvxnrM-Rawk Hawk-Paper Mario Thousand Year Door
http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=w54UfWPH5Fo-Kersti's Power- Paper Mario Sticker Star
http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lmeIjZblW-g-Wily Machine-Megaman 10
http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iIdLhQg66oA-Final N Battle-Pokemon Black/White
http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Aq0QE11vEWE-Terminal Velocity Act 1-Sonic Colors
Tried to have some variety in my entries.
Edit:Realized that one of my entries was a remix.

Posted on 11-17-13 07:43 PM, in Super Mario 3D World Link | #35066
That last picture is from a boss fight with bowser.

Posted on 11-17-13 10:44 PM, in The Super Smash Bros Thread! Link | #35074
If Rosalina doesn't at least appear as an assist trophy, somebody is going to get hurt.
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Main - Posts by blimpfruit00

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