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06-14-24 06:17 PM

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Posted on 11-06-13 07:29 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2 Questions (rev. 3 of 11-06-13 07:59 PM) Link | #34596
Sorry if this does not fall under SMG2 questsion but I can't seem to get the arcTools from galaxyTools to properly work.
It creates the folder it is supposed to put the the .bscv in but the .bscv does not seem to generate.
It does say "The arc file was succesfully extracted to the following directory: D :\Bla\ProductMapObjDataTable".

Edited in order to not be a postcount++.
Thanks for the help hopefully the object will show in dolphin now :D.

Posted on 11-11-13 02:28 PM, in The Introductions Thread Link | #34769
Hello my name is Wouter Jan Grotenbreg or just wjg for short.
I am a casual gamer and I am currently studying Game Technology in Amsterdam.

I have a bit of experience with Maya, have, thanks to helpful comments, already figured out how to put objects in levels and was actually holding this off until I actually had something made but oh well:P

What I want to do is design and model at the same time as it would help showcase ideas and further train me with maya.
I hope I can be helpful to the project.

Posted on 11-13-13 09:12 AM, in Google and their problem Link | #34846
A LOT of people think this about google+ so many even that this and this happened and the biggest petition is already over 100000 strong.
Might even be enough to actually change it back sooner or later... hopefully sooner.

Posted on 11-17-13 08:38 AM, in Video Game Music Tourney - Submissions Link | #35016
Kirby's Return to Dreamland - VS Magolor
Kirby's Return - C-R-O-W-N-E-D
Paper Mario: Sticker Star - Gooper Blooper Theme(s)*
Paper Mario: Sticker Star - Tower Power Pokey Theme
Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - L'Impeto Oscuro
Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - The Eye of Darkness

What can I say.. I love boss battle music :P
*Gooper Bloopers theme changes throughout the fight so hopefully this is still allowed.

Posted on 11-27-13 11:24 PM, in [Fearsome Factory Galaxy] Fearsome Factory Galaxy Link | #35420
Guess I will unload this while I can.
This basically is what I've had in my head for a while.
These are all just ideas.. however dumb some may actualy be.
Also I was thinking of a planet with the same shape as the one stygmax made for star 1(so a half sphere) with the rockmaze on the bottom side of the planet and the factory on top if the pastebin didnt make it clear.
And if anything is not clear about this just ask away.

Posted on 12-15-13 04:37 PM, in [Bowser's Gravigen Extractor] Bowser's Gravigen Extractor Level Design Link | #36111
I have been making a rough model of the starting planet as I am thinking this is going to be the next focus galaxy.
So here are some pics of that (all 4 sides and the top).
Made them links because I could not get them big enough in the preview.
Bit of confusion when looking at the picture above.

Confusion at design as the 2 views of the planet posted above seemed to have some differences.

Red was the broken tower (not different).
Yellow are the 2 walls next to it (not different).
Green a block(?) (not different).
Blue is a seemingly missing outcrop of a ridge.
Black are the two triangle planes which have seemed to swap locations.

Due to this I was not sure which of the 2 to follow precisely.
So do tell which of the 2 to follow.
Please note that the textures are just placeholders so I could see what was what.

Posted on 12-17-13 06:47 PM, in Coding vWii 3-Core Support Link | #36200
add a .347626/ at the end

Posted on 12-19-13 08:06 AM, in Corrupt-A-Wish (Game) Link | #36315
Granted but every time you stand on it you fall and hurt yourself.

I wish for luigi's mansion 3.

Posted on 12-19-13 08:09 AM, in Kuribo64 Town Square (rev. 2 of 12-19-13 08:17 AM) Link | #36316
Hey MM720 if you have enough points to buy it on club Nintendo couldn't you just give that amount of Nintendo points to the one who gives the statue to you?
As in send them 7000 or more stars worth of codes, that way you are still "using" your club Nintendo points and you will have your money.
Edit: heard someone say 1500 points on the last page.. I just checked the club nintendo site and its 7K stars O.o

Posted on 12-19-13 03:02 PM, in Corrupt-A-Wish (Game) (rev. 2 of 12-19-13 09:57 PM) Link | #36326
Granted but afterwards people resurrect it.

I wish for days to be 2 hours longer.
Edit: yay I actualy have a rank animation XD

Posted on 01-06-14 01:18 PM, in The Zelda Thread Link | #37252
Guessing with shadow world dungeon you mean zants lair?
Have played link to the past which I found pretty hard to do.
Have played zelda 2 on the wii.. impossible.
Stopped playing ocarina of time on wii when I got to the carpenter part.
Currently in the majoras mask(wii) water temple.
LoZ: TP beaten twice and honestly.. the hardest part is not dying by falling down when trying to climb up zora's domain -_-.
LoZ minish cap was a fun game in general.
4 swords adventures(GC) was fun but pretty easy (especially battle mode with friends :D )
LoZ: link between worlds beaten twice.. once normal once hero mode.. and I assure you it is hellish.. as it basically is get to dark world => get insta-killed by nearly everything if you don't pick up near all heart pieces you can get.
Did spirit tracks and phantom hourglass too and both were very enjoyable same for.
Did skyward sword and the only truly hard enemy was the final boss.
Honestly I don't feel much for wind waker and as far as ive seen the "HD" version was just extra bloom and a couple of "speed-running" glitches and a few changes to the triforce quest.

Posted on 01-09-14 09:46 PM, in Airship Assault Galaxy [1st custom level] [in progress] Link | #37373
Posted by Agent000
What is that white/grey model in the first picture?

Guessing you mean the zapslimes? or did you mean the 3 planets at the top left?

Posted on 01-10-14 03:35 PM, in Custom Level New Galaxy Brawl Battle (rev. 2 of 01-10-14 03:49 PM) Link | #37408
Taking a look after downloading shows a very different size and also very different layout within the folder.
It might just be that he did not know of a good way of showing his level so he copied the post from someone else.
Haven't played it though so no clue if it is a different galaxy or not, but it seems like it wont be.

Edit: but yeah.. same as Yosheano including screenshots will REALY help with you showing us that you made something different and fun to play, so you might want to add those as fast as possible plus it helps to avoid suspicion of stealing:P

Posted on 01-11-14 04:58 PM, in Model Importing Question Link | #37480
What galaxy did you place it in?
Flip-Swap is recommended as its a galaxy that is very modifiable without crashes.

Posted on 01-13-14 09:35 PM, in Corrupt-A-Wish (Game) Link | #37585
Granted but you are deaf and cant listen to it.

I wish for some awesome games.

Posted on 01-14-14 06:36 PM, in Corrupt-A-Wish (Game) Link | #37617
Granted but everyone starts calling you a different name.

I wish I knew a good wish to wish.

Posted on 01-15-14 08:00 AM, in Corrupt-A-Wish (Game) Link | #37632
Granted but you blow yourself up with it.

I wish for a new computer.

Posted on 01-17-14 08:06 AM, in Corrupt-A-Wish (Game) Link | #37689
Granted but its only because of spamming little kids.

I wish my computer battery would never run out of power.

Posted on 01-27-14 11:35 AM, in Video Game Music Tourney - Set 2 - Round 2 (rev. 3 of 01-27-14 11:36 AM) Link | #38052
This is a false statement 5-4 (9+1 undecided) for ballad as MG3 didnt choose, please recount:P

Posted on 01-27-14 10:25 PM, in Video Game Music Tourney - Set 2 - Round 2 Link | #38068
Ballad of the goddess votes: Polari / Grape / Timmy / Blimp / Skyluigi =5
Gerudo Valley votes: NWP / MM720 /StarLight / daethlySinner /(Now) MG3 =5
So please do tell who I missed in the counting.
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Main - Posts by wjg

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