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05-08-21 12:43 PM

Main - Posts by ianasplund

Posted on 01-27-14 06:36 PM, in Super Smash Bros 64 DS Link | #38071
Ok so there is a new smash bros for 3DS! But no release date:(
well I am fed up but then I thought Super Mario 64 hacking is
possible why not just do it on that. So that is a project
I will be working on. This post will be updated when I
make a working beta!

Posted on 01-27-14 07:27 PM, in New Super Mario Bros 3 WII Link | #38076
One day I was playing nsmb3 ds
on my r4 card and thought "I
don't think anybody's done that
on wii. Later found out that tons
of people did it. But it does
not matter this is nothing
like others.

http://adf.ly/I0cF5 http://kuribo64.net/img/icons/icon28.png

Main - Posts by ianasplund

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