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Posted on 07-09-12 06:20 PM, in Collision tools (rev. 2 of 07-09-12 06:20 PM) Link | #143
I figured I'd post my tools on this board so we have all the hacking tools in one place.

Can convert a number of nintendo collision file formats to wavefront OBJ files. At the moment the supported file formats are: Wii KCL (used in Super Mario Galaxy 1/2, Mario Kart Wii, Skyward Sword), COL (used in Super Mario Sunshine) and BCO (used in Mario Kart: Double Dash).


> collision_export infile [outfile]

where infile is the collision file to be converted and the optional argument outfile is the name of the resulting OBJ file.

Download: collison-v0.6

Convert a Wavefront OBJ file to a KCL and PA file that can be used for collision in SMG1/2. Requires Python 3 with PyQt4 installed to run. Check the README for more information.

Download: collision_creator-v0.7

Posted on 07-09-12 07:07 PM, in Collision tools (rev. 2 of 07-09-12 07:07 PM) Link | #146
Yep, the source is included in the download.

Posted on 07-10-12 04:12 AM, in Collision tools Link | #149
As far I know it generates perfect collision maps, but as I said it hasn't been tested that much. The only problems I have experienced so far hasn't been caused by the importer itself, but by badly formed OBJ files. Long, thin triangles for example will cause problems, but that is because the game can't properly collision test with such triangles, it's not a problem with the importer.

Silver_mkll: I know and I'm working on one, but such things takes time.

Posted on 09-07-12 05:41 AM, in Whitehole releases -- latest: v1.2 (rev. 2 of 09-07-12 05:41 AM) Link | #877
I have the same problem using riivolution, so the patching method is definitely not the problem.

Does Whitehole change anything other than the ObjInfo files?

EDIT: Just noticed that the edited ObjInfo files aren't aligned to 32 byte boundaries. That might very well be what's causing the problem.

Posted on 10-14-12 06:54 AM, in Custom planets! Link | #1004
The Indirect models of SMG2 (AquariumPlanetAIndirect, AquariumPlanetBIndirect, BattleWaterTeresaPlanetIndirect and RailMoveWaterObjIndirect) all uses indirect texturing, so there is probably some connection there.

Posted on 10-14-12 11:04 AM, in Custom planets! Link | #1008
Indirect texturing is a feature that lets the Wii use the values of one texture lookup to offset the texture coordinates of an other texture lookup. It isn't implemented in bmdview2, so I'm guessing it isn't implemented in Whitehole. Not that it's that important as most models looks fine without, but if you're interested in implementing it let me know. I got most of the indirect texturing stuff in BDL files figured out.

Posted on 10-14-12 03:53 PM, in WiiExplorer -- replacement for Wiiscrubber Link | #1012
Before you start re-inventing the wheel you might want to see if not Wiimms ISO Tools satisfies your needs. I haven't really used it my self, but as far as I can tell, it can do all the things you mentioned.

Posted on 10-14-12 04:00 PM, in Custom planets! Link | #1016
I was more thinking about indirect texturing in relation to BDL files, where and how the data is stored and such. But for indirect texturing in general look here http://libogc.devkitpro.org/gx_8h.html, specifically at the functions GX_SetTevIndirect, GX_SetIndTexOrder, GX_SetIndTexCoordScale and GX_SetIndTexMatrix.

Posted on 10-14-12 04:07 PM, in WiiExplorer -- replacement for Wiiscrubber Link | #1017
I know you can extract an entire ISO, change and add files, and the rebuild the ISO, so adding and changing files are certainly possible. Whether there exists some easy commands to replace or add files to an already exsisting ISO, I don't know.

As for it being a command line tool, I'd say that's a good thing, but I guess that's a matter of opinion :P.

Posted on 10-17-12 09:51 AM, in Custom planets! Link | #1030
On a related note: The file ProductMapObjDataTable.bcsv in /ObjData/ProductMapObjDataTable.arc contains all the standard map objects. The file has two fields:

* ModelName: the name of the objects model
* ClassName: specifies the type of object

It might be interesting to look more into the different map object classes, as objects in the same class most likely has the same properties (same obj_args's and stuff). E.g. all map objects with ClassName RailMoveObj seems to be moving platforms, and can therefore probably be assigned a path.

Posted on 11-08-12 04:16 PM, in Could Whitehole have an independent .RARC editor? Link | #1191
Lunaboy's RARC Tools can both extract and pack RARC files.

Posted on 11-20-12 08:07 PM, in obj2bdl - Convert Wavefront OBJ to BDL (rev. 5 of 12-02-14 04:21 PM) Link | #1207
obj2bdl is a command line program that converts Wavefront OBJ files to BDL files that can be used in SMG1/2.

Check the README for info on how to use the program.

The program also supports an extended version of Wavefront OBJ format that includes vertex colors. To export models to this format you need blender with the Extended Wavefront OBJ exporter add-on (which is included in the download) installed. To install this add-on place the io_scene_extened_obj folder in your blender add-on folder and enable it under the Add-On tab of the User Preferences window. For more information on how to do this look here.

I have only released the program as a python script, which you need Python 3 with PyQt4 installed to run.

Download: https://kuribo64.net/get.php?id=WTIHxhDguVLTi5J2

Posted on 11-20-12 08:28 PM, in msbconv - Edit and add messages Link | #1208
msbconv allows for parsing and creation of MSBT files, the files used to store the messages of SMG2.

Check out the README for info on how to use the program.

I have only released the program as a python script, which you need Python 3 to run. I know that somebody made an EXE, but I currently can't find it. If anybody has a link, please post it.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?y0cp30mu3rof0p0

Known bugs:
- some Japanese files will crash the program

Posted on 11-22-12 09:50 PM, in obj2bdl - Convert Wavefront OBJ to BDL Link | #1222
You mean the EXE? Yeah, all the links I could find were dead, which is why I didn't include a link in the post. It should definitely br uploaded somewhere more stable.

Posted on 11-23-12 06:44 AM, in How do I start creating levels? Link | #1227
In a terminal use

> chmod +x install.sh
> ./install.sh

Posted on 11-23-12 08:59 AM, in obj2bdl - Convert Wavefront OBJ to BDL Link | #1228
Sure, the source can be uploaded as well. The link I gave should be stable, but having the EXE and source at same place might be a good idea.

Posted on 11-28-12 09:27 PM, in Looking into SM64DS fixing collision Link | #1270
Gericom were able to use a modified version of my KCL creation code for MKDS, the same could probably be done for SM54DS. With a minor modification to my collision exporter I was able to export the collision for Tick Tock Clock:


Posted on 11-28-12 10:23 PM, in Looking into SM64DS fixing collision Link | #1272
You can find the tools with source here, but the source is python. Also, the way the octree is written probably wont work with SM64DS, at least it didn't with MKDS.

Posted on 12-01-12 06:49 PM, in Whitehole issues Link | #1294
Also, if I unpack and then repack a Nintendo map file, Whitehole crashes when loading it.

Posted on 12-02-12 04:18 PM, in Super Mario Sunshine Hacking Information Link | #1307
Lunaboy's RARC packer supports arbitrary directory depth.
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