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09-22-21 12:38 AM

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Posted on 05-29-13 11:28 PM, in Yoshi's Adventure Link | #23596
This reminds me of back when I modded SM64, when I wanted to patch the "Play as Yoshi" gameshark code to the ROM and make a hack with it. Good luck, good sir! Do you mind showing off what you have of the hub world?

Posted on 05-30-13 09:26 AM, in Designs in Progress Link | #23606
I'm not sure if this goes here, but I think we should make a galaxy with rainbow Yoshis shooting caramel bricks.

...but in all seriousness, I remember having an idea for a level not long after I played SMG2 in the stores. It was a mountain stage where you use the drills to go into and out of the mountain, and inside the mountain would be all of these tunnels with moles in them. I know that's vague, but maybe that will help someone come up with an idea for a star.

If not though, I might enjoy doing Fast Food, Retro Remix, Still Life or Whitehot galaxy. Well, after I go and buy SMG2, download the ISO (because I don't have a big enough SD card to dump it...), and provided real life crap doesn't get in the way (I know its almost summer, but you'd be surprised...). I'll start brainstorming soon, provided no one minds.

Posted on 05-30-13 10:30 AM, in Designs in Progress Link | #23610
I meant making the stage in Whitehole. I don't mind designing as well, but there's probably people who have better ideas than me.

(Also, I'm pretty sure that USB dumping requires a homebrewed Wii, and since I just use Bannerbomb/whatever the Riivolution exploit is, things that need the Homebrew channel sometimes don't work for me. Though I guess I could try once I get the game, which probably won't be until towards the end of next month, since I'm already saving for an Ouya.)

Posted on 05-30-13 11:00 AM, in Designs in Progress (rev. 2 of 05-30-13 11:01 AM) Link | #23612
Because we have one Wii that the whole family uses. Believe me, when Wiis get cheap and I buy my own, I will install it, no questions asked.

EDIT: So this post isn't completely pointless, I might as well say I'm considering Fast Food galaxy. Being a world 1 level means it shouldn't be too hard to make or test.

Posted on 06-02-13 08:02 PM, in [Fast Food Galaxy] Fast Food Music (rev. 2 of 06-02-13 10:46 PM) Link | #23882
Yeah, to attempt to avoid using a Toy Time-esque song for this stage (gosh, I hate that song, and I'm probably the only one as well...), I figured, "why the heck not" and started composing. I used a different orchestra soundfont, as the one linked in the music guidelines thread was on a site that limits download speeds (didn't want to put up with that, sorry. Hope it doesn't sound too different from the other tracks...). Now keep in mind, I'm used to chiptunes, not orchestra, so it might sound a little odd or even terrible, but I would really like some constructive criticism on this: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29071079/VERYEARLYFastFoodGalaxy.mp3.
That's about 20 minutes of work right there, so nothing special...

Edit: I forgot to ask earlier, is it the soundfont or the composition that sounds MIDIish? I didn't want to waste a post just for that question...

Posted on 06-02-13 08:25 PM, in [Fast Food Galaxy] Fast Food Music Link | #23899
Okay, any suggestions on what I should try? I'm currently using FL Studio and this soundfont.

Posted on 06-02-13 08:28 PM, in [Fast Food Galaxy] Fast Food Music Link | #23905
Odd...okay, try the page I found the link on maybe? http://the-filmmusic-group.deviantart.com/journal/Free-HQ-Orchestra-Soundfonts-224143947

I used the link titled "Part 1". I'll see if I can get that direct link to work in the meantime.

Posted on 07-13-13 09:41 PM, in SM64DS Editor Help Thread - Post your questions here (rev. 2 of 07-13-13 09:43 PM) Link | #27973
Does anyone know how to bypass the "rom is not a SM64DS rom" error in SM64DS Editor? The reason I ask this is because I unpacked a SM64DS ROM, copied one of the stage folders (Bob-omb Battlefield I believe, in case it matters), gave it a new name (Test_map_c) and repacked the ROM. Alternatively, is it possible to edit the exits manually? In case you care, I'm trying to see if its possible to add an additional level. I don't plan to make a full hack though, just a proof of concept. Also, does anyone know if I'll have to do anything else to get the "new" stage to work?

EDIT: Huh, weird. No$GBA crashes when I try to load the new ROM in it. I've definately done something wrong...

Posted on 12-15-14 01:08 PM, in SM64DS Editor Help Thread - Post your questions here Link | #52753
Out of curiosity, is it possible to make it so you don't have a star select screen like the castle secret stars, but still have multiple stars in the level (effectively making the level stay the same for every star)? I pretty much ask out of curiosity, as I probably wouldn't finish a SM64DS hack even if I started...

Main - Posts by DarkBones64

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