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05-25-22 07:13 PM

Main - Posts by Larry Koopa 64 DS Hacker

Larry Koopa 64 DS Hacker
Posted on 11-30-20 02:05 AM, in [Tutorial] How to Replace Mario's Model with a Custom Model Link | #99879
Posted by Waluigi2401Purple
Can i replace Wario with this Tutorial?

I know this was like, months ago, but yes, I believe it's possible. I've replaced Wario before. Replacing player characters is pretty similar for all, but the easiest ones to replace are Mario and Wario, while Yoshi and Luigi are tougher to replace, but Luigi is the toughest to replace, so I hardly try to replace Luigi personally, oof... But yeah, you can replace Wario, but I think this tutorial was missing things if I remember correctly, not sure what though, but I remember not getting it right away and having had Fiachra help me out on it on youtube comments and then I was able to do it, lol.

I did make my own tutorial on custom player character models for Super Mario 64 DS, but I feel I should make another one that would be scripted and much better since someone didn't get it right away and I had to help them on discord through voice calls and such and I pretty much kinda forgot how it was like to have a laptop without a numpad or how I would explain it to my noobish self from years ago, lmao (and I'm ashamed of how the Larry impression in that one sounded since my Larry Koopa voice impression has since improved by a landslide, lol, although it was always alright when scripted, but it sounded bad when not 8000Hzd or scripted) sorry for the text wall

Larry Koopa 64 DS Hacker
Posted on 12-04-20 03:05 AM, in The SM64DS Hacking Wiki Release! Link | #99886
Posted by Lemmy R4 Player
So ,i'm just asking but if there so mods we found you haven't found,you want us to talk about where it was/or show a video about it.Cause I know some character mods Larry Koopa Hacker Ds made and I want other people to know about it.

Ah, you mean my Koopalings in 64 DS character mods? (Multiple versions, and there are new versions upcoming for the Koopaling mods that update the model proportions and textures and heights a little) And my Dedede in 64 DS character mod that was using the Kirby 64 model, heheh, and I think that's about it for what I've made, heheh... (Although I think I should make Dedede again since it was a bad import when I did Dedede, for whatever reason I kept having a DAE import bug with the SM64DSe version I was using, which I no longer get with the newest versions) I think since the Waluigi in 64 DS by Russmars2 was there, that perhaps the Koopaling mods should also be there, heheh, but I can probably add them myself at some point to the wiki.

Larry Koopa 64 DS Hacker
Posted on 01-30-22 02:51 AM, in If anyone else knows, where would I begin with a custom title screen? Link | #100784
Okay, so this might sound noobish, but I was wondering how to make an entirely custom title screen... Not the kind where I simply change the logo through hex. I haven't seen a lot of people do it, however, I know it's possible because there is one hack that does that I have seen a custom title screen in, the hack being Super Mario 256, as seen in the first 17 seconds of this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=un2hI7UQ4RE

What I'm wondering is if making a custom title screen is anything similar to making a custom object. Alongside fully voice acted Madoka Magica world cutscenes in LarryDS, I've been doing a lot of custom objects lately, whether that be animated objects for the 2D assets of the Madoka world cutscenes or other custom objects, I'd have help every once in a while (such as a Paper Mario style partner objects and boss battle object I had help from Pants64) and hypothetically speaking, I believe I COULD make a "menu screen" in a level with custom objects, thinking of doing so for a LarryDS Demo, since the way the game is wouldn't really work for any unfinished version of the game being a demo so I was thinking of doing something similar to an Eshop demo with different things to select, and move the position of the player to different warps specific for that while the player would be stuck in a single place and unable to move otherwise hidden behind the "menu" which I have in mind how I would program that, which I could easily use a custom object in the start level for, however, for the full game, I'd rather have an actual custom title screen like what Super Mario 256 has, because, the start level already I feel has too little remaining... level... space... for that... and I don't really want to use an entire level slot for it either because I'm still not sure how many level slots the Madoka World will take up...

I'm not sure if other people have made completely custom title screens or know how to or if this is something Josh65536 figured out on his own. I'm just not sure if I'm on the right path though with wondering whether or not I could just simply use SM64DSe's built in code compiler to create something and then replace overlay_007.bin with the dynamic library it creates and if it'll be as easy as making a custom object, or if it's a bit more complicated than that. The part of me who is a lazy noob and doesn't want to do things differently hopes that a custom title screen is at least similar to making a custom object or that I can make one with c++ since that's what I'm familiar with. But whatever the case is for making entirely custom title screens like what Super Mario 256 has, does anyone else know how to?

Main - Posts by Larry Koopa 64 DS Hacker

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