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05-26-22 07:00 AM

Main - Posts by shinramen

Posted on 10-21-20 10:19 PM, in Editing the colors of the Nintendo boot screen (rev. 8 of 10-23-20 08:57 PM) Link | #99704
To edit the colors of the Nintendo boot screen in SM64DS, you need to have arm9.bin from a SM64DSe-patched EUR rom and a hex editor. To get the arm9.bin, you can simply open the patched rom with NSMBe and extract the bin file. Once you open the bin file with the hex editor, replace color values at these addresses with the color value that you want. Alternatively, you can use NSMBe itself to hex edit the arm9.bin file.

Note: To convert colors to RGB5 use this tool (Credits to Gota7).

Graphics Offset Original Color (RGB5) Note
Fade In 0x1D84 FF 7F The initial color the boot screen fades into. Only white (FF 7F) or black (00 00) works.

Nintendo Logo 0x8D502-0x8D51B BF 00, DF 08, 3F 11, 5F 1D, 9F 25, BF 29, 1F 36, 7F 42, DF 52, 3F 5F, 3F 67, 9F 6F, BF 7B The Nintendo logo is made up of multiple colors. I would recommend including the last five or six colors as the background color, as they are the light colors of the logo.

Copyright Text 0x8D4FE 0D 05 "©2004-2005 Nintendo"

Background 0x8D51C-0x8D51F FF 7F Most of the background except the portion around the copyright text.

Area around Copyright Text 0x8D4E2-0x8D4E5 FF 7F, B6 4A Surrounds copyright text. The second color can be used as the copyright text color.

Here are some examples of an edited title screen:

Posted on 11-14-20 02:21 AM, in Super Mario Galaxy DS (rev. 2 of 11-14-20 02:21 AM) Link | #99841
Nope. This project has been clearly dead for a while. However there is an ongoing hack being developed by RedPoisonDragon, pants64, and poudink that plans to recreate the entirety of Super Mario Galaxy as faithfully as possible on the DS.

You can check the progress of this project in the SM64DS Hacking server.
You can also take a look at the teaser trailer.

Edit: Oh shoot, I didn't see someone responded already.

Posted on 11-14-20 08:20 PM, in SMG2: Guiyii.WIMS map + download + content Link | #99849
The user's YouTube channel is quite... disturbing.

Posted on 11-16-20 02:01 AM, in Waluigi in SM64ds Version 5 unofficial - Reboot Link | #99857
I can come to a conclusion that this project is dead and probably barely even started. However, there are other Waluigi mods out there, for example, by russmarrs2.

Posted on 11-20-20 04:55 PM, in The Introductions Thread Link | #99871
Didn't know there was an introductions thread.

Hello, I'm shinramen.

Posted on 12-08-20 12:51 AM, in The SM64DS Hacking Wiki Release! Link | #99896
To create a wiki on Miraheze, you have to request it here. I'm not sure what you mean by "make one exactly like that."

Posted on 12-25-20 05:50 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #99938
Merry Christmas!

By the way, what’s up with the member name colors?

Posted on 12-26-20 10:41 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #99943
Ah, I see. It sure looks nice.

Posted on 01-05-21 01:35 AM, in Staffs wanted | NSMBW Hack Link | #99960
Posted by LiQ
- Level Designer
- 3D Modeler
- Programmer9

So... you want everyone to do the work for you?

Posted on 02-04-21 05:05 AM, in Have any of you played Shroom Editor Link | #100018
Never heard of it before. However looking up about it, it looks like a pretty cool fangame.

Posted on 02-09-21 04:40 PM, in Kuribo64 is ten years old. Happy belated birthday. Link | #100036
Happy birthday to Kuribo 64!

Posted on 02-25-21 01:23 AM, in Is anybody else unable to access NSMBHD? Link | #100071
Yes, NSMBHD was down for a few days.

Posted on 02-26-21 11:47 PM, in [W.I.P] Super Mario Bros 3. REVAMPED! (rev. 2 of 02-26-21 11:49 PM) Link | #100079
Yes, but that does not mean you have to bump a thread that has been dead for more than two years.

Posted on 04-01-21 02:48 AM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #100135
Might be a bit late but happy birthday!

Main - Posts by shinramen

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