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06-16-21 09:22 AM

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Posted on 07-29-19 10:33 AM, in The Introductions Thread Link | #97964
Hello people, it's me Red5pizza, I'm new here.

Posted on 08-01-19 03:24 PM, in What are your favorite flash games? (rev. 2 of 08-01-19 03:25 PM) Link | #97969
I used to played majority of flash games before, Super Mario Bros. Crossover was one of my favorites alongside Super Mario 63 and Super Smash Flash 2, I also like Super Mario Flash 1 & 2.

Posted on 08-01-19 03:52 PM, in Everybody has that one Mario Kart track... Link | #97970
Posted by Jamie
Donut Plains 3 on SMK. HORRIBLE.

Yeah, I don't like Donut Plains 3 on Super Mario Kart too, this track gives me troubles.

Posted on 08-06-19 01:37 PM, in Mario Kart DS Beta reloaded Link | #97984
Posted by Ninjacreeper44
Hey due to Dshacks going down could you please make a mirror of this?

I found the link for it, it's in his Mario Kart DS Beta RELOADED from the description.

Posted on 08-24-19 06:28 AM, in Super Mario Gravity Link | #98032
Wow, these galaxies looks creative and impressive!

Posted on 09-20-19 08:01 AM, in Mario Kart Ds Deluxe Link | #98166
This looks awesome! The tracks looked well-made.

Posted on 10-10-19 05:45 PM, in Super Mario The New Beginning Link | #98219
I'm actually enthusiastic about this hack, it looks great and creative!
I like how you did the graphics and the level design looks beautiful.

Posted on 10-14-19 06:08 PM, in ask shit to StapleButter, get answer 3 months later Link | #98226
Sorry if I posted late in this topic but I got a quick question, do you like pizza?

Posted on 10-27-19 12:26 PM, in The "ask the person below you" thread Link | #98257
I can't decide but I'm gonna go for Dynamic, well it's such a hard choice though...

So anyways, what's your favorite type of pizza?

Posted on 11-04-19 03:24 PM, in Spongebob Quotes! Link | #98285
Spongebob: Pie... pie... Oh, you mean this pie! I was saving it in my pocket for us to share. Let's eat! Oops!

*Boom Explosion*

Squidward: Ouch.

Posted on 11-04-19 03:38 PM, in Luigi's Mansion DS Link | #98286
Well, what I can say is that this hack looks pretty good so far, I like the concept that the bottom screen will be the Gameboy Horror that makes sense, with more information being revealed like the coins, and something you've collected? Sounds good enough and the fake boxart looks superb.

Posted on 11-08-19 04:09 PM, in Game Sequels you Want Link | #98293
Posted by LeftyGreenMario
Kirby Air Ride should get a sequel. Kirby can take a break from the platformers and get a new and better version of City Trial.

Yeah, I certainly agree about this, I would like to see a new Kirby Air Ride sequel with the revamped and a bit more of a fleshed-out version of City Trial, it needs to be released on the Switch at some point.

Posted on 11-11-19 06:17 AM, in SM64DS Online Link | #98300
This hack sounds interesting and pretty good so far. ;)

Posted on 11-11-19 06:40 AM, in One-letter swap Link | #98301
I actually didn't sold a bra but I'm not trying to BRAG about something.

Posted on 11-14-19 02:21 PM, in One-letter swap Link | #98306
Well, I would of done that but I don't need to, I'll just watch the fireworks that flew away from the sky... with a big BANG!

Posted on 11-22-19 06:17 PM, in One-letter swap Link | #98316
My thoughts on Onions was the BANE of my life, they make my eyes water.

Posted on 11-23-19 05:09 PM, in One-letter swap Link | #98320
I played a good GAME today.

Posted on 11-26-19 05:53 PM, in One-letter swap Link | #98336
So, does anyone here likes ROLE Playing? ;)

Posted on 12-01-19 01:10 PM, in Super Mario Gravity Link | #98337
I like the new revamped logo of Super Mario Gravity and the map designs looks really good in the new trailer!

Posted on 12-03-19 05:21 PM, in New Super Mario Bros. U DS [V1.06 Demo] Link | #98345
This hack is good but I like the original and creative level designs and the newer graphics, the trailer looks awesome to see, not to be rude but the "simple" edited logo thing, it's... meh, but it's fine otherwise, keep up the great work!
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Main - Posts by Red5pizza

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