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02-25-24 02:37 PM

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Posted on 08-18-18 02:44 AM, in SM64DS Peach hack model Problem (rev. 6 of 08-18-18 12:16 PM) Link | #95583
I'm working on a Super Mario 64 DS hack with Peach as a playable character and I'm trying to replace a Character's model with Peach's model using a modified version of the Character bone rig but it ends up looking like this in the game. It looks fine when previewed in blender.


The arms look stretched out and noodley, The head rig is working fine atleast.

Could anyone help me figure this out?

Edit: I figured out a way to remove Wario's head


Half of her face is glitched, which is a minor problem, her arms are still a huge problem however.

Posted on 08-20-18 03:20 AM, in SM64DS Peach hack model Problem Link | #95624
Well, Actually I did import the Peach model in-game but the bones are from Wario's only repositioned.

Posted on 08-20-18 03:52 PM, in SM64DS Peach hack model Problem (rev. 2 of 08-20-18 03:53 PM) Link | #95631
Yus! I was finally able to fix the rig for the Arms and make it move properly as it should in-game!


Now all I need to figure out is how to fix the textures on some parts like the face, and try to change the sfx which I have no idea how to change.

Posted on 08-21-18 07:21 AM, in SM64DS Peach hack model Problem (rev. 3 of 08-21-18 07:23 AM) Link | #95644
Welp, I was finally able to fix the Texture problems and stuff except for the minor and weird yellow chip-like texture on her dress. and I was also able to turn Wario's hat into a crown and make Peach a key of her own. I also forgot to mention that her head isn't separated from the body model, which does cause some problems.


Looks like I have no problems with the model now lol, does anyone here know how to change the sound effects into Peach's though?

And if anyone's interested however I could upload a patch that includes the playable Peach model for anyone to use and play with.

Posted on 08-23-18 12:34 AM, in SM64DS Peach hack model Problem Link | #95660
Wait, so you mean like I could just post the bmd and bca files here?

Posted on 08-26-18 06:58 AM, in SM64DS Peach hack model Problem Link | #95729
Oh, I see lol but I kinda did that already atleast. But I need someone to teach me how to replace Wario's sound effects with Peach or any character. And maybe replace Wario's Life Icon and etc with Peach as well.

Main - Posts by PeachyPeach

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