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08-09-22 05:24 AM

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The Best NSMB
Posted on 08-08-18 10:52 PM, in What's the weirdest dream you've had? Link | #95355
I do not really have a single weirdest dream, but i can tell one of them.
The Dream:
I was playing in the attic with some bridge toy. then I heard something downstairs. so I slowly went down until I saw there was a weird fire flower shadow on the window curtain. Immediately a loud noise was heard and I look in back of myself and lo and behold, a PBS Kid (the green version) jumpscared me. then I started having a trippy acid vision of 2D PBS Kids, together with the signature PBS Kids sound. I then woke up wondering what in the world happened.

The Best NSMB
Posted on 08-09-18 12:24 AM, in Those little things that annoy you Link | #95357
Flies. they are the one of the most FRUSTRATING things in life. you may not believe me, but my brother actually captures a fly in a plastic cup, and puts it into DEEP torture, such as putting it into the literal FREEZER, and leaves it there for a few minutes, then he takes it out in order to flick it around in the cup (it survives since bugs are like, INVINCIBLE to cold), and afterwards puts it into the sink and washes it with extremely hot water, then finally puts it into the toilet and flushes it.
TBH, the flies deserve this. all they do is annoy us. seriously, did you ever realize how flies LOVE to fly in your face? they cannot possibly mind their own business. so I LOVE to see them be destroyed to bits. I myself grip a fly's wing whenever possible, and put into a cup to just WAIT THERE.
seriously, NOTHING tops them. NOTHING.

The Best NSMB out.

The Best NSMB
Posted on 08-09-18 12:30 AM, in Last games you played? Link | #95358
I was playing Pac-Man World 2 lately. It is one of my absolute favorites. PMTGA can go kill itself. it does not even come CLOSE to Pac-Man World 2.
My favorite move in that game is the Rev roll, because well, GOTTA GO FAST (sorry for using that meme.) it's just plain AWESOME.

The Best NSMB
Posted on 08-09-18 01:28 AM, in Stupid ads Link | #95359
Posted by SGC
We have those stupid Cox ads over here in the US.
It starts off with this stereotypical family.
Then the stereotypical sun starts complaining about the stupid shit the dad does.
The dad then comes into the room, and starts doing said stupid shit.
In the other versions of the ad, the stereotypical dad annoys their stereotypical neighbor.

Pretty much everyone in those ads acts like an idiot.

Basically a summary of teletubbies.

The Best NSMB
Posted on 08-29-18 10:23 PM, in Those little things that annoy you (rev. 2 of 08-29-18 10:24 PM) Link | #95757
Posted by RealHeroicGamer
reading this post sounded like an anime supervillian monologue-ing and it's now one of my favorite posts anywhere on the internet, thank you for this

You’re welcome. Also TBH, I put a LOT of extra emphasis so it would sound like that, but I didn’t expect you to enjoy it THAT much. But the point is, I was surprised when I saw your reply. Just saying.

The Best NSMB
Posted on 09-09-18 02:08 AM, in What's the weirdest dream you've had? Link | #95832
Once I dreamed that I went to a tech store, and I was looking for a certain video game but can’t find it. So I started going to the counter but I fell in an empty piece of floor that did not have a tile, and I kept on falling until there were people shouting HAPPY CHANUKAH!!!!! Then I woke up scared, though I immediately started laughing because of how random and weird the dream was.

Another one was about me and my classmates going on some random cruise, but there was some sort of guide that told us to do anything but sit down, or the ship would sink. So we went on, but my legs were exhausted for some reason, so being left without a choice, I sat down on one of the chairs. So the ship started sinking, and then my dream did something it does a LOT in my nightmares, it goes into 3rd person camera and started zooming out very fast, and then then the ship sunk. ‘Was weird.

Speaking about third person, I had another on where I was looking into a mirror on the vanity, but I decided for some reason to just look at how much money I have in my wallet. Then I heard a boo laugh (the one from the NSMB games, not SM64) so naturally, I looked up into the mirror. And there it was. It grabbed me, and the dream went third person again, and there were the words TOO BAD! along with the death sound from SMG, and then I woke up, wondering why in the world I wanted to look at my wallet.
The end.

The Best NSMB
Posted on 03-01-19 02:02 AM, in Need Patches to Change Version Of Rev 1 Rom (rev. 2 of 03-01-19 02:04 AM) Link | #97306
Does anybody here have patches that can change the version of the Rev 1 rom I have? Please give me a patch for changing it to the first version, and another one to turn it into the European version. The reason I want the European one is to be able to use the DL Patch in SM64DSe Ultimate. Would love to play around with that ;)

The exact version I have is US Revision 1 (1.1).

Also btw does anyone have a cheat that disables the HUD? (Would love to make SM64DS Bloopers).

And last but not least, I want a cheat that makes the camera freeze in place (same reason as above).

Also sorry for being inactive for so long. (I was playing around with cheats and hacking.)

The Best NSMB
Posted on 08-30-19 04:13 PM, in trying to import weegeepie head model to sm64ds Link | #98049
I tried replacing luigi's head model with this one, but the game crashes when I get to the castle grounds. I just don't know why, all I did was add headphones, and that's it. Why is this happening?


The Best NSMB
Posted on 07-05-20 02:06 AM, in Freezeflame Galaxy over Bob-omb Battlefield (rev. 2 of 07-05-20 03:26 AM) Link | #99282
hey there, pretty darn nice freezeflame model. RedPoisonDragon (a friend of mine) is leading production for a galaxy ds romhack, and he wants to know if you'd wanna join the team for it, or at least contribute something to it. (he's actually making a decent amount of progress btw).

The Best NSMB
Posted on 08-18-20 11:34 PM, in The current state of the SM64DS hacking discord. (And SM64DS hacking as a whole) (rev. 2 of 08-18-20 11:37 PM) Link | #99391
Hey, it's been a while (and that's more than a bit of an understatement considering how inactive I've been here), but I really feel that the future of SM64DS hacking is bright (at least, definitely more than the past years before), and I'll state here as to why, and what I think about it all.

Lately, a lot of new members have joined the SM64DS hacking discord community (and by a lot I MEAN A LOT), and that's mainly because ShaneMGD's hack, Super Mario Journey Lane, was featured in F3, and got a lot of people to wanna join the community. There's been a lot of new hacks being made, like Mario's Star Quest (an SM64DS hack with bite-sized levels and stars, and a sequel that's in development), A near-final release of DK Jungle Climber 64 DS, an actually decent Galaxy DS project (that actually got to the testing phase, but the devs are currently dealing with some small problems), and SM64DS: The Adventurous Journey (I know it's my own hack but it still kinda counts lol), and some other hacks I neglected to mention.

These hacks, most of which are still in progress, show that there's been a lot more people willing to make romhacks of SM64DS the past few months, and every year more SM64DS hacks get made, and every year the community gets less obscure than it was before. (The discord server recently got up from like 600 members to almost 1000 members, and that's saying something!)

Nitro Studio 2 also got an alpha semi-release, and SM64DSe Ultimate got some nice new features too. Josh65536 (known on this forum as "mibts") also released a plugin for Blender 2.79, that adds functionality for opening and closing SM64DS's model and animation formats, and exporting models with quads and other neat stuff, this year. This has enabled Hailbot (the hacker working on Sunshine DS, to vastly optimize his models for the hack, enabling him to add much more detail.

Now, I know that this is somewhat overly hopeful without context as to the flaws and problems of the community and its projects, so I will address them too. For example, Nitro Studio 2 got a halt in its development. There have been minor dramas here and there, but nothing that took more than 3-5 days to resolve. Some hacks have been getting pretty slow progress, while others are taking less time to be developed. Pants64 recently was drafted to the military, so he has way less time to work on his amazing projects. And I have yet to add a lot of stuff to the new SM64DS wiki hosted on Miraheze, which is meant to replace the somewhat outdated SM64DS documentation on this site (no offense, I'm not too much better at this tbh lol).

In conclusion: like I said, the future's still bright, but it could be brighter. The community isn't THAT much more active, but at least has more people dedicated to hacking SM64DS that aren't seemingly dead. There's still a lot of stuff we have to do to fix our stuff, and when we do, it will eventually pay off.

The Best NSMB
Posted on 08-18-20 11:45 PM, in The current state of the SM64DS hacking discord. (And SM64DS hacking as a whole) Link | #99393
Well, some of his "minions" are still there but skelux definitely isn't, I don't think he even goes into any discord servers other than his own LOL.

The Best NSMB
Posted on 10-05-20 12:47 AM, in The SM64DS Hacking Wiki Release! Link | #99507
Hey there, me and a few other fellow SM64DS hackers are developing a wiki for all things related to SM64DS romhacking and machinima, so that there's an all-in-one hub for all information related to SM64DS. It's still pretty WIP, but I personally think it's worth checking out if you have the time to, and you're learning SM64DS hacking.

Here's the link: https://sm64dsromhacking.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page

(Please don't get mad at me Arisotura for making this, it's just that a lot of the SM64DS hacking-related information here is outdated and I wanted to make something decent for once)

The Best NSMB
Posted on 10-21-20 10:44 PM, in Editing the colors of the Nintendo boot screen Link | #99705
nice tutorial m8, really useful for people wanting to get into custom 2D graphics

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