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06-16-21 09:48 AM

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Posted on 02-01-18 11:48 AM, in SM64DS Editor Help Thread - Post your questions here Link | #93056
Hello, I'm new here. I just registered at this forum because there is one thing that bothers me in SM64DSe:
Whenever I try to replace the "primary" heads of the playable characters (Mario/Luigi/Wario with hat, Yoshi's head) the game crashes after selecting a save file, but I can edit the "secondary" heads just fine. (Mario/Luigi/Wario without hat, Yoshi's filled head)

Is there a way to fix this?

Posted on 02-03-18 05:53 AM, in SM64DS Editor Help Thread - Post your questions here Link | #93070
Posted by mibts
For one, try losing Mario's hat, saving & quitting, replacing Mario's secondary head model, and then opening that save file.

That does work, however, I'm gonna put my character over Yoshi. The only times we get to see his filled head is when he ate an enemy or has the power flower ability.

Perhaps I can leave Yoshi's head unused and to apply an ASM hack that gives Yoshi a permanent filled head and changes his moves to punching etc. just like Mario, Luigi and Wario do. (I never did an ASM hack before tho.)

Posted on 02-09-18 09:34 PM, in [Tutorial] How to Replace Mario's Model with a Custom Model Link | #93195
Two issues/questions:

1.) When I attempt to change the main head of any playable character the game crashes. However, changing the secondary head (hatless Mario, Yoshi with filled cheeks) works fine for whatever reason. Is there any way to fix this?

2.) What if I want to make a character whose proportions are very unlike any of the other characters? (e.g. a character with more realistic humanoid proportions) There must be a way to manipulate the bone structure, no matter how difficult the process might be, It shouldn't be impossible.

Posted on 05-05-18 07:34 AM, in [ASM Resource] Customising behaviour of player/objects/levels Link | #94243
Is it possible to make a character run faster than Mario using this?

Main - Posts by FZone96

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