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09-22-21 01:25 AM

Main - Posts by AdrienTD

Posted on 04-13-13 01:37 PM, in SMB W1-1 in SM64DS Link | #20055
Hi! I made a remake of W1-1 from SMB1 for SM64DS.



There's a mushroom that makes the player bigger and that makes him like Mega Mario (in NSMB) O_O .

If there are many people who are interested at this level, then I will finish the level. After I will port W1-2 and release a patch.

Posted on 04-15-13 01:38 PM, in SMB W1-1 in SM64DS Link | #20469
Thanks! I will try this out! :)

Posted on 04-17-13 09:47 AM, in Editor development Link | #20714
Posted by Fiachra
Posted by Skelux
The most recent revision crashes when you open Lethal Lava Land, unless it's just me.

It works fine for me. Have you edited the level at all?

Me too. When I open Lethal Lava Land, an exception dialog displays that the program was trying to read a non existent file in the ROM. The problem was in the code that renders the puzzle tiles.

Posted on 04-20-13 11:45 AM, in SMGExtractor -- no more need for ISOs! Link | #20953
I have a suggestion for SMGExtractor. What about extracting the apploader? I have checked the source code and the Wii Disc format at WiiBrew and it could be possible if we extend the FST_INFO structure in fst.c to add an entry for the apploader offset and then add functions to read the apploader (I didn't check if it works).

Posted on 04-20-13 12:16 PM, in Windows 8 (rev. 2 of 04-20-13 12:23 PM) Link | #20958
What I think about Windows 8:
+ Better speed
+ The graphics are smoother (more FPS).
+ Free antivirus included (Windows Defender)
- The classic games aren't preinstalled :O .
- The fullscreen Start screen is still OK, but the Search screen in fullscreen is very very bad.
- The new boot menu is weird than the previous versions (it loads the (entire) Windows 8 kernel and the drivers (for compatibility with touch screens), so that if you choose Windows 8, it goes directly to the login screen, and if you choose an another OS, than it reboots the computer!

Also, please don't buy a tablet with Windows RT. With it, you can't execute desktop applications (even if they're compiled in ARM, is it true?).

Posted by Anthe
Windowed Windows 8 apps. WHAT NOW?


Did you use the Windows 8 emulator (if you made this screenshot)?

Posted on 04-20-13 04:50 PM, in Editor development Link | #20971
Found a bug which was never fixed from the first source release.
When adding a power star, it's treated as being NOT a simple object, but it is.
Solution: add case 61: in the IsSimpleObject function in LevelEditorForm.cs (only a tip :)).

Posted on 04-21-13 07:00 AM, in SMB W1-1 in SM64DS Link | #21056
I now finished W1-1 (there are 3 stars) :). Next level to be ported is W1-2.

Posted on 05-04-13 01:44 PM, in Windows 8 Link | #21984
Microsoft thought that people will more likely use tablets than PCs, because they can connect to the Internet (many people bought PCs only to do that), and that the tablet 'apps' are easier to use than the programs for PCs (that's what 99.9-% dummies find).
So Microsoft made the Metro platform and Windows RT so that people don't abandon him.

I forgot to mention some things about Windows 8:
+ It can run from an USB disk! It runs as fast as from the harddisk. But this functionality (named Windows To Go) only works on Windows 8 Entreprise. If it could be done also in other editions, I would buy it. Sorry Microsoft! >:
- The fact that Metro apps only work in fullscreen is very annoying. There are programs like MetroMix that make them run in windows.

My first tip for Windows 8: If you want to get rid of the fullscreen Start screen, the Charm Bar, the tiles at the edges of the screen and all the shits, then start the Task Manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC) and kill explorer.exe. Welcome to Windows 3.1! ;)

Posted on 05-04-13 02:46 PM, in Windows 8 Link | #21987
Yes, I know that doing so will kill the taskbar.
Also, I found that OpenGL (desktop) applications run slower because the OpenGL DLLs are using a software renderer. But it seems that Intel doesn't distribute his own drivers for my graphic card for Windows 8 (or I should run the driver installer in Windows 7 compatibility mode).
DirectDraw programs also run slow, but when I press CTRL-ALT-DEL and I return, they work faster.
One annoying thing is that it isn't possible to turn Aero off >: . Turning Aero off can make games faster and make less graphic problems.

Posted on 05-04-13 03:30 PM, in Favorite Mario Kart Link | #21990
I like MKDS because in this game it's possible to play multiplayer wireless with friends, even if they don't have all the game card.

Posted on 05-04-13 04:03 PM, in Windows 8 Link | #21992
Windows 8 still uses something like Aero with a new squared style. It still renders the windows using Direct3D (this makes some window animations possible). It is problably liter and faster than the Aero in Windows Vista/7.
Some people name it Aero Lite.

Posted on 10-12-17 10:55 AM, in Excerpt from Super Mario 256 Link | #90336
Great work! I really like the new characters and am looking forward to this hack! :)

Some minor, not important issues:

* Picking up the box will use Peach's voice sound instead.
* Entering the canon crashes the game/emulator.
* The movable water does not work.
* The life counter icon is correct on my ROM.

Main - Posts by AdrienTD

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