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02-25-24 03:21 PM

Main - Posts by PikachuR77

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Posted on 12-05-17 11:35 AM, in NSMBW Rush Hour Link | #91704
If you still need help with testing I'd be happy to help. ?

Posted on 12-09-17 12:37 AM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2: Return to the Galaxy (CANCELLED) Link | #91832
If you want I could test some stuff when the time comes.

Posted on 12-20-17 11:15 PM, in Boss-Blitz Galaxy Boss Edits Link | #92340
Here are my thoughts on this hack.

Dino Piranha: The shock waves inside the planet are very annoying. You can't see when they are coming. You can hear when one is about to be fired but you have no idea where it will be. Once you can see it, you can't dodge it unless you are in the air. And fighting Dino Piranha basically requires to be on the ground. Some of the spike plants on the planet would have been a much more fun challenge as you can see where they are. Overall, bad level design, but beatable.

King Kaliente: As far as I can tell nothing has changed. Kind of disappointing as you could have put some spike plants on the places where most people stand to hit the coconuts. Adding some of the red/blue flame guys could also work, but not in high quantities.

Major Burrows: Again, bad level design. The spiky topmen can either ignore you or they can be all over you. They also cause a little lag. Once again, spiky plants on the top of the area would have been a better choice. Especially since you can't kill the topmen. The extra checkpoint is nice, but isn't really needed depending on your luck.

Bouldergeist: He is still really easy. What is the point of that giant flip panel? Unless it's meant to be some kind of joke for Mayro or something it's kind of pointless. It doesn't obstruct you in any way nor are you required to go there. In my opinion, it would have been better to remove the standard ground and fight Bouldergeist on the flip panel with him in the center. Since you have to spin to attack him, it could be very interesting. The 1-UP next to the checkpoint is nice though.

Fiery Dino Piranha: This has all the same problems as Dino Piranha, except more annoying. I can't beat it and don't want too, considering you have to fight Bouldergeist every single time you lose. A checkpoint on the planet before Fiery Dino Piranha would have been nice as well.

The Comet: Not worth it for me to try it. The additions to the level just makes it too RNG-based, and that's not fun.

Green Star 1: Unchanged. Could have been moved to be somewhere like in the middle of the lava pool on King Kaliente's planet making have some health left after beating him.

Green Star 2: Unchanged, well I guess the flip panel does obstruct it a little bit, but it still is really easy. Could have been high above the flip panel requiring you do that glitch to get extra height on boost panels.

Overall: Most of these changes don't really make it hard. They just leave it RNG-based. Green Star's could have been put in some creative places.


Posted on 12-24-17 04:00 PM, in Boss-Blitz Galaxy Boss Edits Link | #92477
The new version crashes entering the level. One thing to note is that doesn't crash on the transition to the level (the white screen), it crashes while the star is spinning. Just in case that's important.

Posted on 12-24-17 07:28 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2 Flip Swap Hack Link | #92481
Very nice hack! It's hard without being stupid. I like the Green Star placement too. I also decided to go for the comet mission. It is possible if you have Spin to Fly on but still very difficult.

Posted on 01-03-18 10:14 AM, in [Released] Neo Mario Galaxy - A one world hack! Link | #92660
Does it fix the two stars that didn't work?

Posted on 01-05-18 08:34 PM, in [Released] Neo Mario Galaxy - A one world hack! Link | #92690
Is it possible for the comet missions to work as normal missions? SMG64 Holiday Special's purple coin mission was a normal star and it worked.

Also would using a normal save file grant access to the final two missions as they would technically be completed letting you play them.

Posted on 01-08-18 10:31 AM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2: Return to the Galaxy (CANCELLED) Link | #92712
That's too bad, this hack seemed to have promise. At least if the demo ever does get released it wasn't all for not.

Posted on 01-11-18 10:44 PM, in Kaizo troll galaxy (rev. 2 of 01-14-18 12:44 PM) Link | #92785
Download link is broken.

EDIT: For anyone else who might want to play this, the post with the download link is in the trash section.

Posted on 01-16-18 01:47 AM, in Super Paper Mario Repainted [On Hold] Link | #92827
What exactly is he supposed to be? Nice how you didn't go with Granddad though. He's way too overused in my opinion.

This is just a suggestion, but I think you should have Sticker Star (or Color Splash because it is the same shape) be the dark prognosticus instead of Wii Party U. TTYD could be the light prognosticus.

Posted on 01-16-18 09:35 PM, in Super Paper Mario Repainted [On Hold] (rev. 2 of 01-16-18 09:35 PM) Link | #92842
Ah, now Count Phil makes a little more sense. I never played Wii Party U so I originally assumed you just made Count Bleck pink and named him Phil. I hope it's a little more obvious in the final version.

Posted on 02-04-18 07:23 PM, in modtendo! Mod Store - Download and find all the mods easily, and directly on your Wii ! (rev. 3 of 02-04-18 07:23 PM) Link | #93092
This seems like it would useful to a lot of people who are just getting into this!
However, I personally won't use this, unless some mods are released exclusively on it, as I use only 1 XML per game and put my mods in usb1:riivolution/GAMEID/

Also, will this only be available SMG, SMG2, and NSMBW?
MKW and SSBB are two big ones you're missing. SPM would also be nice as there a few mods right now for it, and I have one coming.

And will Master Quest be on here? The original links are down. :/

Posted on 03-01-18 12:14 AM, in The General Project Screenshot/Videos Thread Link | #93417
Well, here's a very early screenshot of my first SPM hack:
SPM: The Dark Trials


Posted on 03-01-18 10:04 PM, in The General Project Screenshot/Videos Thread Link | #93439
It will not ALSO be released on modtendo!.
It will ONLY be released on modtendo!!

Posted on 03-01-18 10:14 PM, in modtendo! Mod Store - Download and find all the mods easily, and directly on your Wii ! Link | #93440
Will modtendo! have the option to put the mods on a USB drive?

Posted on 03-02-18 12:41 PM, in Slowpokemon (W.I.P) Link | #93448
Which game is this hack for?

Posted on 03-09-18 03:04 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #93573
Posted by JasonTGF
I played the demo for star allies and it's a good time. but, I'm kinda worried it might be to easy.

The main story will probably be pretty easy, but I'm pretty sure Helper to Hero will return. Some abilities that aren't designed for combat will probably really hard to do.

Posted on 09-26-18 11:37 AM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2: The New Green Stars (V1.2 available now) Link | #95985
That link doesn't work.

Posted on 10-02-18 11:49 AM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2: The New Green Stars (V1.2 available now) Link | #96081
The link in the post above mine.

Posted on 08-09-19 03:06 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2: Return to the Galaxy (CANCELLED) Link | #97994
These were some files I got from the discord that Fruity Dee let me upload. It has a couple versions of Beep Shock Galaxy and Cloudy Islands Galaxy. If you ever wanted to see any of this hack here it is.
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Main - Posts by PikachuR77

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