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06-16-21 10:13 AM

Main - Posts by SY24

Posted on 08-14-17 12:25 PM, in SMG RUN: The first proper trailer! :O Link | #86307
Wow, that logo eats pretty much space from the thread.
But it suits to your post-layout!

Posted on 08-22-17 04:26 PM, in Pokemon Kuribo Version Link | #86978
Wow, this actually motivates me to be more active on Kuribo.

Staple, if you read this...

(post in restricted forum)

Posted on 08-30-17 04:12 PM, in Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Link | #87516
Counting one and one together.

Posted on 09-02-17 07:14 AM, in [SMG1][SMG2] Mario Galaxy Hacking Link | #87682
Posted by Super Hackio
I don't exactly want to be hosting any of MY hacks on a board that's named after (or before?) someone else's SMG2 hack. (Neo Mario Galaxy, in this case)

Nah, you and SunakazeKun just can't stand each other :P
Neo Mario Galaxy would be glad to promote even other grand hacks, if it had any. A first step could be posting threads about SMG hacking on both, Kuribo and NMG. It only brings advantages: The hacker can promote his/her hack even better and NMG gains some more active users. Everybody being interested in SMG hacking should give it a chance.

Posted on 09-08-17 03:09 PM, in Newer Super Mario Bros. U Link | #88132
I am a 2D graphic designer (not by job, but passion).
What exactly needs to be designed?

Posted on 10-18-17 06:14 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy 64 (rev. 2 of 10-18-17 06:14 PM) Link | #90648
Posted by MeTheMarioMan
I would like to thank [...] SY24 for the incredible logo.

Posted by iyenal
The logo is really awesome.

Posted by Gamer Boy
(Also, that logo looks awesome.)

Posted by GalacticPirate
This SY24 guy really is good at making logos.

Aww people, these are too many kind words!
I was happy that MTMM has let me help him out with the logo. Thanks bud!

Posted on 04-25-18 05:23 PM, in SMG2 hack idea "Super Mario Galaxy 2 3d remix edition" Link | #94187
Sorry but your project already exists


Posted on 05-24-18 08:20 AM, in Project Kaizo: ded Link | #94407
Posted by Super Hackio
Any more surprise crashes?

Paper Mario crashes with your new patch.

Also, you should check-play your hack by yourself as well. You may find minor issues that others didn't find yet / would never find.

Main - Posts by SY24

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