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06-24-24 12:59 PM

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Posted on 06-12-17 07:02 PM, in Introducing GalaxyCreate! [A new SMG2 "Tool"] Link | #83707
What do I do after it says the file was saved? Do I replace something on WiiScrubber?

Posted on 06-14-17 03:39 PM, in Whitehole: Paths aren't supported Link | #83767
I can't find it... I can find My Documents/Dolphin Emulator, but there is no User folder... D: Also, when I try to load main.dol from Dolphin (without the User folder part), I get a long wait on a black screen, then "Dolphin has stopped working". What do I do?

Posted on 06-23-17 01:04 PM, in SMG RUN: The first proper trailer! :O Link | #83950
What about Fast Running Area? For speed boosts? This area speeds up Mario and wears off slowly after you exit it.. Also... Mario is YELLOW! xD

Posted on 06-23-17 05:38 PM, in SMG RUN: The first proper trailer! :O Link | #83959
I am serious. I was testing out areas and found that. Why does it make mario yellow though? Also if you spin there is a weird effect.

Talking about spins... There is an area that prevents Mario from spinning. And if you want the little spin tutorial thing, where it makes a sound and shows how to spin, it is also an area...

Posted on 07-10-17 08:58 PM, in Project Kaizo: ded Link | #84497
Finally came up with a anti-backflip method

How? This would be useful for one of my hacks. :P

Also, it may be too late, but if you want to force the player to die, so he can continue on the stage, make the fly-in go somewhere that is not the spawn point. Then when the player dies it will spawn him at spawn.
The only problem I see is that when you revisit a galaxy (you completed the star, then when you select it again, you can press A to skip it), it will spawn you at spawn. D:

Posted on 07-10-17 09:00 PM, in SMG2 ISO help Link | #84498
I do not know.. D:

BUT! Do you have an SMG2 ISO (unmodified?)?
You can use an app called WiiScrubber to replace the needed files (this depends on what you edited). Generally you want to replace RedBlueExGalaxyMap.arc...

There is a thread somewhere on how to run SMG on Dolphin with no ISO, but I never got it to work...

Posted on 07-12-17 02:14 PM, in SMG2 ISO help Link | #84554
Examples of files to replace:

For an edit in whitehole, StageData//Map.arc

Edits to the worldmap with World Map Editor, ObjectData/WorldMap0.arc

For a model import over an existing model, ObjectData/<ObjectBeingOverwritten>.arc

Also, you could just not replace anything on WiiScrubber, but instead run SMG with no ISO

Posted on 07-12-17 02:42 PM, in I do not know how to edit bcsv files Link | #84558
Use Whitehole's BCSV editor. It is easy to use and does the packing of the arc's

Posted on 07-12-17 02:49 PM, in "LIVE" Updating with SMG2 & Whitehole Link | #84559
This would be extremely useful.... IF I could complete step 1 xD.

Posted on 07-12-17 03:02 PM, in I do not know how to edit bcsv files Link | #84566
I have Is this ok?

Posted on 07-18-17 08:55 AM, in "LIVE" Updating with SMG2 & Whitehole Link | #84806
Dolphin crashes when I load main.dol... D:
I have the EU version of SMG2...

Posted on 07-20-17 06:40 PM, in How to use BTK files [BETA TUTORIAL AVAILIBLE] Link | #84870
We will finally be able to make animated WorldMap icons!

Post++ ohgosh

Posted on 07-20-17 06:55 PM, in How does one come up with ideas for hacks? Link | #84871
Custom power (NSMBWII)

Custom powerups? HOW???

Posted on 07-22-17 03:22 PM, in Super Mario Mushroom Madness (USMBW Rebrand) Link | #84970
I can help with level design, unless you don't need more people. I am figuring out the SMW pipes right now, and I can help with custom tilesets, too.

Posted on 07-23-17 08:30 PM, in Super Mario Mushroom Madness (USMBW Rebrand) Link | #85071
Some more tilesets would be nice.

Does that mean I'm in???

Posted on 07-23-17 09:16 PM, in Super Mario Mushroom Madness (USMBW Rebrand) Link | #85073
ohgosh im part of a project yayayyayay

ohgosh i sound like a 8 year old

So what should I work on? I have ideas for hard levels (for World 9?) and have started one, but I can make something else, too.

If you want tilesets, I can make the textures, but...

I can't run games without ISO, my Dolphin just hangs... Also my Wii is bricked and my Wii U is weird and doesnt want to work. D:

That means I can't test the textures in game..

Posted on 07-23-17 09:22 PM, in SMG RUN: The first proper trailer! :O Link | #85074
Does anyone know where I can find a model of Mario's house from that one Paper Mario game?



Posted on 07-23-17 09:25 PM, in How does the local planar gravity controller work? Link | #85076
A GlobalPlaneGravityInBox object has the same shape and scale like a box/cube shaped area.

Is it planned for Whitehole to render gravity as areas? It would be much easier to create levels that have different sized planets...

Posted on 07-23-17 09:29 PM, in How does the local planar gravity controller work? Link | #85078
Nope, because I don't work on Whitehole anymore, lol. Sorry. The last edits were made about one year ago

I have been taking a look at Whitehole's code, to see if I could implement this for my own purposes (and if I get permission, release it), but it's been a while since I last made a java game and I need to familiarize again. D:

Posted on 07-23-17 09:33 PM, in [Super Mario Galaxy 2 Hack] Wuhu Island (WIP: Still Kicking!) Link | #85079
So excited for this to come out!!

maybe I could do a real-time day/night cycle

YES! (timer switches + a bunch of sky models appearing and disappearing could work maybe)
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Main - Posts by TheSunCat

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