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06-14-24 06:38 PM

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Posted on 05-06-16 02:33 AM, in Make the game start as Mario? Link | #70391
I'm aware that this thread is quite old but I was wondering if anyone else is interested in actually making vanilla sm64ds start off with Mario. It feels so off starting off as Yoshi.

I know about the ar code but that simply doesn't feel the same. I suppose you could remove the code for the L+R+DOWN buttons but that leads to an issue involving the character constantly changing to Mario and such.

It would be great if anyone could give me any info on this.

I've been looking around here for some hacking info and such because I'm very interested in modding this game. This is the type of hack I would greatly appreciate.


Posted on 05-24-16 02:31 AM, in Does anybody know how the ! Switch + associated objects work? Link | #70930
Posted by Hiccup
Another question:
Does anybody know how warps should be placed (coordinates, rotation and parameters) in relation to Warp Pipes, so that you don't miss the warp and land on the ground beneath the pipe and you can't warp from outside the pipe?

I believe you need some sort of entrance parameter for the warp pipe entrance which should be placed within the warp pipe. I can't remember it off the top of my head but you can just load up tiny huge island in the editor and check what entrance parameters are used for such.

Main - Posts by Showin

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