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06-14-24 05:56 PM

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Posted on 12-25-17 02:02 PM, in The Introductions Thread Link | #92495
Hi I made this account quite a long time ago when I got interested in sm64ds rom hacking but forget about it pretty soon. Recently I've interested in it again so I came here and changed my username and other stuff.

Posted on 12-25-17 03:26 PM, in [Tutorial] Creating a Custom Platform Link | #92497
Is it possible to create a custom level with ASM hacking without replacing any old?
If so is it anything similar to what is shown in that tutorial? Please don't tell me to use the two test maps, i'm planning to need more. I'm looking to create a new, 'blank' level or simply copying an existing one, whichever is easier.

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Posted on 12-27-17 06:37 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2: Community Edition Link | #92535
Nice i have been thinking why don't i see any community hacks here. I have never hacked galaxy before, only sm64ds. Once i have tried doing something simple i'll consider participating in this.

Posted on 12-27-17 06:56 PM, in Castle Grounds Hacking Link | #92537
Okay i downloaded it, what am i supposed to do with it? The modded 1ups are still there by the way:

Posted on 12-27-17 07:19 PM, in [Tutorial] Creating a Custom Platform Link | #92539
I think so, but SM64DS is so expansive, so unless you want to create a SMSW you would need to.
You mean i would need to replace a level, right? :P I googled that SMSW thing and got a nice headache. In this case, does it refer to this? Anyway, how would creating a one help me?

Posted on 12-28-17 10:15 AM, in Castle Grounds Hacking Link | #92553
Ok so the opening cutscene is removed, that might be useful when making a hack with a different story than sm64ds.
If you go into the rom, you will notice that the introduction is removed. This is why you can replace the castle grounds model.
This is what i don't quite understand. Castle grounds model can easily be replaced in untouched roms as well and everything works fine.

Why is the filename of your rom 'Tutorial Rom.nds'? I don't understand. Where's the tutorial? :P

Posted on 12-28-17 06:55 PM, in Castle Grounds Hacking Link | #92557
I just named it that for when I do make tutorials. You may name it to something else.
Ok i see now. :LOL:
By the way, I don't realize how you can hack the castle grounds without removing the story other than just the textures.
I just export the level, open it in Blender or SketchUp, make the modifications, yada yada yada, export, import back to the game, delete texture animations, play the game and everything works fine. Both .obj and .dae work for me. There are some imperfections such as wrong colors, wrongly placed textures and absence of lighting/shading, but they don't depend on the opening cutscene and there are ways around them. What exactly happens when you try to change the Castle grounds model in a normal rom?

(post deleted) #92578

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Posted on 01-19-18 10:24 PM, in One-letter swap Link | #92891
Oh that would feel like a new fresh START wouldn't it?

Posted on 01-25-18 09:19 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #92971
I think i've had that same thing a few weeks ago

Posted on 01-28-18 11:33 AM, in ask shit to StapleButter, get answer 3 months later Link | #93003
Posted by iyenal
StapleButter, pouvez-vous nous raconter l'histoire de Kuribo64 du début jusqu'à maintenant, des ambitions et membres importants qui ont succédé ici en tant que membres prépondérants, et ceux qui ont quitté cet endroit ? (I am too lazy to use my brain to translate this in english, just use Google Translate) I am curious about that.

This is so stereotypical French <_<

StapleButter, what adblocker do you use?

Posted on 01-28-18 07:34 PM, in SM64DS Editor Help Thread - Post your questions here Link | #93011
Open the mtl file and replace every line starting with "Kd" with "Kd 1 1 1" without quotes. This needs to be done because SketchUp imports the materials with some seemingly random diffuse lighting settings and these need to be neutralized or your models colours will look funny. You probably want to write a script to do this for you because replacing the lines manually is annoying and takes time and effort. I personally use daes more often so i don't have a one to share with you. Maybe this could be done in some code editors too, but i haven't found one yet.

Posted on 01-28-18 08:11 PM, in SM64DS Editor Help Thread - Post your questions here Link | #93013
You're welcome! That script might come in handy or at least now i don't have to write it myself if i need to use objs for some reason.

Posted on 01-31-18 03:01 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy: Is it possible to import .bdl model with vertex colors to blender? Link | #93041
You could fix the UV maps in Blenders UV editor but it won't be exactly the same though. You probably know how to use Blender but in case you don't: In Edit Mode, select all and then go to Mesh->UV unwrap and then click either unwrap or smart UV project and then click on the thing that usually says Default and select UV editing. In the UV editor you can press G to move selected stuff with mouse.

Posted on 01-31-18 08:23 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy: Is it possible to import .bdl model with vertex colors to blender? Link | #93049
That sounds good, hopefully it works, but environment maps? Aren't those used to make reflections and stuff?

Posted on 02-01-18 07:39 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy: Is it possible to import .bdl model with vertex colors to blender? Link | #93060
I tried that thing Doopz_JK proposed with sm64ds castle backyards model because i was curious and it changes the textures somehow. I doubt it will fix the UV maps of the coin just as they were but it may be still worth trying.

Posted on 02-07-18 07:27 PM, in ask shit to StapleButter, get answer 3 months later Link | #93142
Can i put some webgl in my post layout?

Posted on 02-07-18 07:33 PM, in Dolphin running like shit on a computer from over 1000 euro's (rev. 2 of 02-07-18 07:33 PM) Link | #93144
Kill them all! (the processes and services etc.) Oh wait maybe not all...
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Main - Posts by StarPants

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