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06-25-24 08:33 AM

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Posted on 07-10-12 06:57 PM, in Leftover SMG1 Objects Link | #191
Maybe, but as of know, I doubt it.

Posted on 11-25-12 10:47 PM, in BCSV Editor (rev. 3 of 07-27-13 04:01 PM) Link | #1240
This is a tool that I made that edits BCSV files. If you don't know what BCSV files are, they are a file format that is used frequently in the Super Mario Galaxy games. BCSV files hold level data, object information, world map layouts, collision data, the songs that are played for each level, a list of objects that can be used in levels, and more.

BCSV Editor: https://www.dropbox.com/s/thc3rep4kvj1q32/BCSVE-v0.7.zip?dl=1

Source Code: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/bvhbohxx3bxvu5u/BCSVECode.zip?dl=1

The current version has the ability to edit any type of BCSV field data (longs, floats, shorts, bytes, and strings). Most BCSV files in SMG1 and SMG2 should work. Tell me if you find any BCSV files that the editor won't open or edit correctly.

In order to tell if a file is a valid BCSV file, check its extension. Files with the extension .bcsv, .tbl, .banmt, .bcam, and .pa should work. If a file has no extension, try opening it in the BCSV editor and editing it. If you can successfully open the file, edit it, then reopen it, you can assume that file is a valid BCSV file. If you find any files with extensions I haven't listed that seem to be valid BCSV files, send me a copy of that file.

You need Windows to run this, although it may run on Mac or Linux with Wine. lookup.txt needs to be in the same directory as the application.

Posted on 11-25-12 10:56 PM, in BCSV Editor Link | #1242
It doesn't actually edit field properties yet. That's a planned feature, as soon as everything else in the editor is working. Also, I know they're encoded in Shift-JIS, but I've never been able to get it working.

Posted on 11-26-12 11:37 PM, in BCSV Editor Link | #1246
Looking at your code, it looks like you used the FileBase class and set Encoding to "shift-jis". Is there anyway to convert an ASCII encoded string to a Shift JIS string, without making major changes to my code?

Posted on 11-27-12 10:00 PM, in BCSV Editor Link | #1260
Posted by Mega-Mario
What you have to do in C# is specify the encoding you want to use when you create your BinaryReader/Writer or similar.

Java works differently in that regard. For example I'm able to specify the encoding when reading/writing the strings.

What I do to read a string is read each character from FileStream, and concatenate it to the current string. When I concatenated the character to the string, I used string.Concat. I changed the encoding to System.Text.Encoding.GetEncoding("shift-jis"), but instead of displaying Japanese, it displays ・モ・ス・イ・・・フ・i・] (which is ff fe fb 30 93 ff fb 30 7d ff fb 30 72 ff fb 30 fb 30 fb 30 8c ff fb 30 69 00 fb 30 5d 00 in hex).

Posted on 12-02-12 04:01 PM, in Super Mario Sunshine Hacking Information Link | #1305
I used to be looking into SMS levels, and there is one problem that will prevent us from editing them. The RARC files are several directories deep, and the RARC packer that we have only supports packing up RARCs that are 2 directories deep.

Posted on 12-09-12 10:21 PM, in PyTEX1 Link | #1683
PyTEX1 is a program that I made that replaces the textures of BDL files.

Usage: python pytex1.py
is -r for replace texture, -l for list textures, or -h for help
is the BDL to texture hack
is the BTI containing the new texture
is the number texture you want to replace
is the filename of the edited BDL to be written out

If you're replacing textures, then you need to specify every argument. If you're listing the textures, the only argument you need to specify is .


Posted on 12-15-12 06:00 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #1771
I'm going to work on the Mario game I'm making. I'll also try to help with SMG2.5, if anything is going on.

Posted on 12-16-12 01:38 AM, in Flying and Ice Mario (rev. 3 of 12-16-12 01:40 AM) Link | #1792
As some of you might know, one of my main goals in this project is to add Flying and Ice Mario into SMG2. I've managed to find the code that changes Mario's form, and with that knowledge, I was able to make the Fire Flower load Flying Mario. I've made a video, which can be seen here.

However, this is still imperfect, because it only works on Dolphin and is only a Fire Flower triggering Flying Mario. So if anyone has information that could help me get this working better, I would appreciate it.

I'm also interested in getting Ice Mario working in SMG2. This is much harder, because Ice Mario's powers only work in levels with an Ice Flower. I was able to prove this by modifying brkirch's Spin to Fly code to give Mario the effects of the Ice Flower without collecting it. The video for that is here (sorry for the bad quality):

The Ice Flower only worked in Beach Bowl, Freezeflame Star 1, and Freezeflame Star 3, all of which had Ice Flowers in the level. The code also worked in Deep Dark Star 2, and I was able to add an Ice Flower into Sea Slide, which allowed the code to work.

So my goal is to add an Ice Flower into an SMG2 level. If anyone can help me with that, please feel free to help.

Posted on 12-16-12 01:45 AM, in Flying and Ice Mario Link | #1794
That's because I changed the Fire Flower model to the Red Star.

Posted on 12-16-12 01:50 AM, in Flying and Ice Mario Link | #1796
I explained in the description that I hacked the Fire Flower.

Posted on 12-16-12 02:05 AM, in Flying and Ice Mario Link | #1798
It would definitely not be easy, but we could possibly figure out enough to add custom powerups. I already know where some of the powerup code is located, so we could work from there.

Posted on 12-16-12 02:17 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #1821
Posted by Stygmax
Posted by Marionumber1
I'm going to work on the Mario game I'm making. I'll also try to help with SMG2.5, if anything is going on.

Interesting. What is this Mario game?

It's a 2D Mario game that I'm writing in Python. It'll be based on several Mario games, mostly NSMBW and Super Paper Mario.

Posted on 12-16-12 11:59 PM, in Computer poll (Out of general curiosity) Link | #1843
I prefer using laptops, but I always get laptops that are at least decent at gaming.

Posted on 12-17-12 12:26 PM, in Post your PC specs! Link | #1856
Processor Intel Quad Core i7 @2.7 GHz
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 3000
RAM 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 memory
Hard Drive 500 GB 5400-rpm SATA drive

Posted on 12-18-12 11:49 PM, in Post your PC specs! Link | #1925
I should have mentioned that it's a laptop, and upgrading to a better GPU is not possible.

Posted on 12-19-12 01:52 AM, in Post your PC specs! Link | #1927
I'm sure that the Intel HD Graphics 3000 is an integrated GPU.

Posted on 12-19-12 10:36 PM, in BCSV Editor Link | #1942
Thanks for the source code, PhantomWings. I'm going to try to update my BCSV Editor this weekend.

Posted on 12-19-12 10:40 PM, in Post your PC specs! Link | #1943
The Intel HD Graphics 3000 can run Whitehole just fine. It can also run games in Dolphin at surprisingly decent speeds. NSMBW, Brawl, MKW, Melee, and Sunshine run very close to full speed, while even SMG1 and SMG2 reach speeds of 50-60%, occasionally as good as 70-80%.

Posted on 12-23-12 03:29 PM, in Flying and Ice Mario (rev. 3 of 12-23-12 03:29 PM) Link | #2048
I've thought of a possible reason why Flying Mario doesn't work on the Wii. Remembering how the Ice Flower only worked in levels that had an Ice Flower in it, how brkirch's code doesn't transform Mario into a new form unless the power-up is in the level, and how when I tried to make the Fire Flower load any power-ups besides Fire and Flying Mario, it didn't work, I thought of this possibility.

Flying Mario doesn't work on the Wii because there's no Red Star in the level. The reason that the hack worked on Dolphin is because Fire Mario and Flying Mario both use the same model but with different textures, so Dolphin's emulated processor sees them as the same power-up. The solution is to make the Red Star load in the level.
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