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03-25-23 02:27 AM

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Posted on 03-14-16 08:36 PM, in Oh and more modern web trends that should just die Link | #68551
Overall locking stuff behind a "premium" account.

Posted on 03-14-16 09:48 PM, in Oh and more modern web trends that should just die Link | #68556
Yeah, DeviantArt just loves moving content to its premium-only. I remember when journal entries can be customizable, but nope, got to make it premium-only because money money money give me it.

Posted on 03-14-16 09:51 PM, in RHCafe is a malware site! Link | #68557
Posted by StapleButter
It was a board about hacking some Kirby game. It was 'officially' owned by Nin but was hosted and run by Scrydan.

Why they chose to name it after a level editor is beyond me.

Lol, I didn't know that. That's pretty dumb. Imagine searching for it on Google. You'd have to type in "forums" to get what you want.

Posted on 03-14-16 09:52 PM, in The Introductions Thread Link | #68558
Hullo, just a fellow member from RVLution. Hope I can be great around here!

Posted on 03-14-16 09:57 PM, in Paper Mario: Color Splash Link | #68559
No one has high expectations for this game. It kinds of sucks because I feel like Mario is in a rut nowadays. Not necessarily stinking the same way Sonic does, but is going through a streak of okayish-to-mediocre games starting with New Super Mario Bros. U (I think 3D World and Mario Kart 8 are good, but 3D World also borders on okayish).

I don't understand the mindset that the Sticker Star formula is going to be reused even though it's obviously not a winning formula. The developers want Sticker Star to be the new standard, but it doesn't work, noted by fan reception, but they still revive the blasted thing. It's like that goddamn car from Mario Party all over again.

Posted on 03-14-16 10:02 PM, in Any Youtube videos you particularly like? Link | #68560
What's a good alternate video uploading site? Youtube is white-collar criminal haven, Vimeo is only slightly better. I myself am not familiar with that kind of stuff, so better survey the hole before jumping in.

Posted on 03-14-16 10:04 PM, in Just stop trying, Google Link | #68561
On a related note, am I the only one who thinks Google Glass looks stupid?

Posted on 03-14-16 10:06 PM, in ask shit to StapleButter, get answer 3 months later Link | #68562
Does your avatar bear any relation to how one of your other names is "Mega-Mario"?

Posted on 03-14-16 10:13 PM, in Nintendo Logic Link | #68563
That Mario Party 9's car and Paper Mario's Sticker Star continue to exist.

You'd think ND Cube and Intelligent Systems respectively would've caught on to the reception of their unspectacular games, but no, let's make another one of them.

Posted on 03-14-16 10:38 PM, in Oh and more modern web trends that should just die Link | #68566
Oh yeah, I hate that, restricting the most basic things such as viewing images to account creation. I might "get" attached files, but normal embedded images? No.

There is a site called "mugen archive" or something like that and it requires an account to use the search function. I wanted to punch an admin there.

Posted on 03-14-16 11:06 PM, in How to make a post layout! Link | #68570
I've taken my previous layout from RVLution and made one here. The problem is that the background image height is dependent on the size of the post, so you'll see an ugly cut-off margin at the bottom of the post. I tried setting a min-height, but extra lines of post content will just make the margin reappear. Setting a min-height that's too big will just inflate the post size. It sounds like a problem TheKoopaKingdom had, but I couldn't find empty lines or something.

.DK-burgers {
padding: 1px !important;
background-image: url("http://www.mariowiki.com/images/thumb/0/06/Stamp_Background_Artwork_-_Super_Mario_3D_World.png/600px-Stamp_Background_Artwork_-_Super_Mario_3D_World.png") !important;
min-height: 24em;
.Mario-vomit {
background: #FFFAFA !important;
font-family: "Verdana", "Arial", sans-serif; !important;
color: #0d0d0d !important;
padding: 10px;
margin: 5px;
border: 2px solid #808080 !important;
border-radius: 20px;
max-width: 100%;
.DK-burgers a {
color: #708090 !important;
.Mario-vomit .quote .quotecontent {
padding: 4px;
margin-top: 4px;
border-top: 1px solid #C0C0C0 !important;
border-bottom: 1px solid #C0C0C0 !important;
.Mario-vomit .codeblock {
white-space: pre-wrap;
font-family: "Consolas", "Lucida Console", "Courier New", monospace;
padding: 4px;
background: #DCDCDC !important;
color: #0d0d0d !important;
border: 1px solid #808080 !important;
margin-left: 10px;
margin-right: 10px;
margin-top: 5px;
margin-bottom: 5px;
<div class="DK-burgers">
<div class="Mario-vomit">


<img src="http://www.mariowiki.com/images/thumb/a/a0/Mario_%28Pipe%29_-_Super_Mario_Sticker.gif/120px-Mario_%28Pipe%29_-_Super_Mario_Sticker.gif">

Posted on 03-14-16 11:09 PM, in Oh and more modern web trends that should just die Link | #68573
What's possibly causing all of this RAM traffic jam? I can't imagine except for frivolous show-off coding.

Posted on 03-14-16 11:12 PM, in Any Youtube videos you particularly like? Link | #68575
Like a positive feedback loop. Since Youtube is huge, people will want to upload there. And since more people upload there, Youtube will just get bigger. And then you have copyright abusers like Vilecom and lone thirdparties that'll just take advantage of all of that. A vicious cycle.

Posted on 03-14-16 11:34 PM, in How to make a post layout! Link | #68579

Hm, so is it a problem on my part of the post-layout (and avatar size) or the site simply didn't appropriately adjust to the avatar size? Because if I do go with min height, it pads out my post.

I don't want to have a huge signature either.

Posted on 03-14-16 11:38 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #68580
Speaking of anticipated games, I just want a good multiplayer Mario game that isn't Mario Kart 8. We had our chance with Mario Tennis: Ultra Trash, Mario & Sonic is probably going to be meh like always, and my hope for a Mario Strikers sequel got squashed by a bunch of forces from a certain federation.

Posted on 03-14-16 11:54 PM, in How to make a post layout! Link | #68582
Anything I can do in the meantime? I mean, I didn't have this problem in RVLution, only here...

Posted on 03-15-16 01:37 AM, in Oh and more modern web trends that should just die Link | #68591
Probably being desperate to entice users for more board activity or something like that. It's sad that they don't seem to get the message that it's annoying.

Posted on 03-15-16 01:41 AM, in How to make a post layout! Link | #68592
Well, I think the current design is fine, but if there's any way to align the image to the bottom-left corner of the post so it shows up in the bottom left in shorter posts, then that would be great. I've looked through the Internet and couldn't find a satisfying method to do it.

Posted on 03-15-16 01:57 AM, in If operating systems were... Link | #68594
Yup, the thread pretty much sums up my opinion on these operating systems and why I hate Apple's products with a passion even though they do have their own qualities.

Posted on 03-15-16 02:35 AM, in Oh and more modern web trends that should just die Link | #68598
I personally don't have a huge problem with the design as long as it's clean but not too boring.
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