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10-01-22 10:38 AM

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Posted on 03-16-20 08:31 PM Link | #98900
Within the current context of coronavirus and economical crisis, I need to post this message.

There is currently enough credit to keep the server running for one year without action.

The server, and the boards and shit it's hosting, will keep running as long as I am here and have the means to keep this going.

I am staying connected as much as possible. If I disappear from the internet, don't give any sign of life on any of the Acmlmboards, on IRC, on Twitter, or via email, for more than one week, that means bad things are happening. That at best, I have lost internet access due to lack of funds. But could also mean that I died from the coronavirus, or other bad things.

If things were to really degrade, I might consider setting up something to guarantee someone sensible 'gets' server ownership if I were to disappear.

Time will tell how this goes, I guess.

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Posted on 03-17-20 01:46 AM Link | #98901
that's rather serious. are you personally in danger from the virus? if you're immunodeficient, I hope you can barricade at home.

Posted on 03-17-20 03:33 AM Link | #98903
you might wanna get tested soon, just in case you need to take proper precaution

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Posted on 03-17-20 09:39 AM Link | #98904
I'm not particularly at risk, but you never know how it evolves.

I'm more worried about the economical crisis tho.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
melonDS the most fruity DS emulator there is


Posted on 03-18-20 04:49 PM Link | #98907
I wish all the best to you. This is a serious crisis and I hope you're able to stay safe and connected. I hope all of us can avoid this pandemic as well.

Posted on 03-20-20 08:03 PM (rev. 5 of 03-20-20 08:12 PM) Link | #98908
Well, to be honest I actually don't understand very much why people are still thinking the apocalypse is coming
Like we can see how everything got contained in China, at not much damage economically speaking (billions if not thousands of billions got injected but it's nothing compared to the global money flow)

Don't create the paranoia

And don't think I am saying that because that I am far from getting infected, living in Paris region and I was taking everyday 4 times a train line that had stations in the first Covid clusters, plus got symptoms sometimes but really we're (by people and political decisions) creating more impact than the virus itself.

Posted by Arisotura
But could also mean that I died from the coronavirus

Currently you have more chances to die from a car accident than the coronavirus but well...
...we don't want to hear that, it's not enough sensational

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Posted on 03-20-20 08:26 PM Link | #98909
this whole shit ain't done yet. I don't think the world is ending quite yet, but what will come after the coronavirus will be shitty.

also, yeah, I don't have much chances of dying from the virus, but... we never know. the disease can range from nearly nothing to death.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
melonDS the most fruity DS emulator there is


Posted on 03-21-20 03:29 PM Link | #98913
To be honest, I only thought it would be serious for a day or two, but then it looked like it's not even a threat. Though in the past month, things have escalated pretty quickly. People are doing that whole social distancing thing, where they won't stand within 6 feet of each other. There's always the possibility it mutates into something more deadly at some point, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. But if not the virus itself, the economic effects also seem to be real.

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