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06-16-24 08:49 PM

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Posted on 07-03-19 04:59 AM (rev. 2 of 07-03-19 05:03 AM) Link | #97902
Is it possible to make a hack that allows Luigi and Wario (maybe even Yoshi) to wall jump? It's really dumb how Nintendo didn't allow them to wall jump!

Weegee! (Mario Kart 8 Character Select voice)

Posted on 07-04-19 01:37 PM Link | #97905
this code will do that

#include "SM64DS_2.h"

extern "C" bool wallSlideOrNot()
static short angle;

if ((unsigned)(PLAYER_ARR[0]->currState) != Player::ST_WALL_JUMP || PLAYER_ARR[0]->ang.y != angle)
angle = PLAYER_ARR[0]->ang.y;
return true;

PLAYER_ARR[0]->ang.y += 0x8000;
return false;

void nsub_020c1dbc()
"push {r1-r12, r14} \n\t"
"bl wallSlideOrNot \n\t"
"pop {r1-r12, r14} \n\t"
"cmp r0, #0 \n\t"
"beq 0x020c1e28 \n\t"
"bne 0x020c1dc8 \n\t"

how to insert: https://youtu.be/eOo3bF7l3lM

Posted on 01-08-24 09:44 PM (rev. 4 of 01-08-24 10:01 PM) Link | #101351
I've created a xdelta patch (note this works for the EU version only) so that anybody can just patch it into their rom without having to go through the trouble of hacking like I did.

Credit to StarPants for the code and pants64 for the tutorial

Download link

I've also used this in conjunction with CirclePad movement for Super Mario 64 DS on my 3ds using Twilightmenu and TWPatcher to get the ultimate 64 DS experience.

However It will not work however unless you download r4cce and the usrcheat.dat then opening the usrcheat with r4cce and AFTER clicking on the proper version, click on the "..." in the GAME ID tab and choose the patched rom then save.

Posted on 01-10-24 12:40 AM (rev. 5 of 02-03-24 03:22 PM) Link | #101352
Uh just so yall know the game crashes at dire dire rocks and I have no idea why. I get an data abort error and I have no idea how to fix this.

I also noticed on emulator it would say "the ROM heador is invalid. The device size has been increased to allow for the provided size." I tried to check how to fix this and came across a different thread on this site where someone mentioned "You open the ROM in a hex editor and increment the byte at offset 0x14." but I have no clue how to do that whatsoever nor is there any tutorials for this. I'm not even sure if this is what's even causing the data abort error.

I beat the level using a different rom then reused that same save data for the current rom (via copy & paste and renaming file) then I entered the "Bowser in the Fire Sea" level that comes after it and it works just fine.

Edit 2/3/2024: Thanks to pants64 on discord it works now. Here's the updated download link

Main - General SM64DS hacking - Luigi, Wario Wall Jump Hack Possible? Hide post layouts | New reply

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