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05-06-21 12:44 PM

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Posted on 11-15-16 12:13 PM Link | #79716
It looks really good so far. Any reason the particles are so messed up? Also why did you feel the need to show the same video 3 times? Just curious, other than that though it looks great!

Posted on 11-15-16 06:26 PM Link | #79717
I am using citra emulator therefor! But I always test my levels on my 2d and they all work. Alsoo there was a glitch in sony vegas and I did not notice it lool

Posted on 11-17-16 03:32 AM (rev. 3 of 11-17-16 03:36 AM) Link | #79730
Posted by mustafa
Alright guys here is a demo preview of whomps fortress. It is not a precise remake as they are two different games :-)

This level contains tons of exploration though. Not everything is shown in video...

I still need to fix clipping and camera precision :D

You may give critiscism so I can make it better :D

I'd say it's a very good rendition of Whomp's Fortress, and I'm surprised just how well th egame handle's Mario 64 levels.

I do think you could put Prongos in place of Whomps. I also think you should restore the stairs found in the northern most slope with the Twhomps. I'm also pretty sure you could get the retractable platforms on the center tower working?

Other than that, perhaps you could replace the Star Coin spawn in the west with a note trail as in Super Mario Galaxy 2. And maybe there's an opportunity to place a warp box at the top of the tower, and introduce a fight with Boom Boom either "inside" the fortress, or on its "underside" as in Super Mario Galaxy 2?

And for completely unnecessary additions, you could include the side sections from Super Mario 64 DS (or the cloud platforms Galaxy used), and SMG2's bonus island.

Regardless, it's a very good level. I love it.

Posted on 12-03-16 10:19 AM Link | #80106
While working for Beat Block Galaxy and finishing Shifting Sand Land, i wanted to do some different. So i thought, why not?
Here it is, a remake of SUPER MARIO BROS 1-2.
(Very) Early screenshots:
[image] [image] [image] [thumbnail]

Posted on 12-03-16 07:50 PM (rev. 2 of 12-03-16 07:51 PM) Link | #80110
That looks incredible! I like the way those platforms turn around.

Posted on 02-24-19 04:23 PM (rev. 2 of 02-25-19 12:12 PM) Link | #97276
I know it's been almost 2 years when i started this. Finally I finished it :D

Posted on 03-01-19 10:12 PM Link | #97321
Can anyone make New Super Mario Bros. Wii World 1-1 in Super Mario 3D Land?

Posted on 03-16-21 12:59 PM Link | #100119
I made my first custom level for 3D Land, I call it Cloudtop Mountains.

We all make decisions, and some of us... don't.
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Main - 3DS game hacking and emulation - Super Mario 3D Land Custom Levels! New reply

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