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07-22-24 08:04 AM

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Posted on 05-27-16 05:42 PM Link | #71037
I Just Started Replacing The Model's in SM64 DS using SM64DSe.
The first model i replaced was this:
But when i play it i just go right though the Button like it's not even there.
i assume it's be cause i left the Collision ID's Empty.

If this is why then does anyone happen to know of a list for all the game's Collision type ID's?

Right now I really need the Collision ID for this Button.
Anyone know it?

If it's not because of the Collision Id's being blank then what is it?

Posted on 05-28-16 04:11 PM (rev. 3 of 05-28-16 04:18 PM) Link | #71097
I'm having a similar problem. I'm trying to make a "solid block" object by overwriting the model for the unused "CG Stairs" object, but I can't get it to have collision in the right places...
Does this require ASM hacking? Even replacing the BMD and KCL with the BMD and KCL of another object produces the same problem...

Posted on 05-28-16 07:39 PM Link | #71108
What's ASM hacking?

Posted on 05-29-16 09:09 AM Link | #71172
Are you trying to replace it with a collision map larger than the original? If so, it may require ASM hacking as most (all?) objects specify a range outside of which collision is not checked.

This range is determined by the value at offset 0xB8 from an object's address. Its value should be set to (the collision range shifted right three times).

Posted on 05-29-16 12:01 PM Link | #71179
I made the model smaller than the original and what's ASM Hacking?

Posted on 05-29-16 12:28 PM Link | #71181
Modifying code

Posted on 05-29-16 01:35 PM Link | #71184
1. What collision index are you using? The collision types used by objects don't match those used within the level. For most objects you just have to set it to zero which will be solid.

2. How are you importing the collision map? The collision maps for objects have a different scale than the level model's. You should click on an object and select "Replace model", leaving the "in-game preview size" as it is.

Posted on 05-29-16 03:21 PM (rev. 4 of 05-29-16 03:27 PM) Link | #71188
I wanted to make the Original Model smaller so this is what i did to do so:

What i did was i selected the Red ! Button in the editor then i clicked Replace model then i clicked open and selected a custom model i made in sketchup then i resized it to make it slitly smaller than the original model "So it could fit in an Orange Brick Block" left all the collision types as 0 then clicked Import. Anything i'm missing?

EDIT: The picture of the Button that i put in the post above is a picture of the Smaller button i put in (If this Help's)

Posted on 05-29-16 04:19 PM (rev. 2 of 05-31-16 07:24 PM by Fiachra) Link | #71189
Quick Question: how do I download your ASM Hacking template?

((Where do I go from here when downloading it?))

Posted on 05-31-16 07:25 PM (rev. 2 of 05-31-16 07:26 PM) Link | #71279
Try using the KCL editor to import the collision. You'll be able to see the original collision map and use that to judge whether you're importing at the correct scale. I was able to export the original, re-import it and it worked fine.

You'll need to remember to uncheck the box "Generate collision map" of you're importing the model afterwards.

Posted on 05-31-16 08:51 PM (rev. 2 of 05-31-16 08:51 PM) Link | #71287
KCL Editor?

Posted on 06-01-16 09:40 AM Link | #71307
Click on a level. There is a KCL button on the top. Click that.

Posted on 08-08-18 02:03 AM Link | #95352
Here. This document should make things a lot easier: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11tHJ77km4EPITucU9RMdhW5ImPEvCyxPxUAbxqzm6Ks/edit

check out my CLPS Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11tHJ77km4EPITucU9RMdhW5ImPEvCyxPxUAbxqzm6Ks/edit

Main - General SM64DS hacking - Collision ID's (Help) Hide post layouts | New reply

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