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10-02-23 01:53 PM

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I will haunt you
Posted on 05-31-18 03:39 PM Link | #94496
More like boo-guy(i see in some web site)

TINKY TANK ATTACK YOUU LIKE HULK(but with antena and fur and spooky face) #Roar

flavius guy(not a hacker)
Posted on 07-20-18 02:42 AM Link | #95143
Yeah,this hack can be pretty challenging to create,since it has:
-new bosses
-many poltergust mechanics
-and many more
But i hope you can complete this hack in the distant future ;)

Posted on 09-17-19 07:42 PM Link | #98148
Any new news i am so happy for this hack I wanna play it on drastic
Also could you make a version like that most homebrew stuff there data is a separate thing to drastic it doesn't load with date folder so please make the data in the nds file thanks

Posted on 11-04-19 08:04 PM Link | #98284
This looks really good! Are you still working on it? (I hope so because i don't own a gamecube anymore, and this game looks like it has really good potential!)

Posted on 11-04-19 08:38 PM Link | #98286
Well, what I can say is that this hack looks pretty good so far, I like the concept that the bottom screen will be the Gameboy Horror that makes sense, with more information being revealed like the coins, and something you've collected? Sounds good enough and the fake boxart looks superb.

adam TRASH
(post deleted) #98490

Posted on 04-22-20 03:40 PM Link | #99020
What the f***, I like these graphics.

I love HORROR movies like Annabelle, The Conjuring, and more...

MaRL_05 Gaming
Posted on 08-12-20 03:37 PM Link | #99376

do you continue it?
the idea is nice and I think the game too.
please don't tell me you don't continue it

Posted on 08-12-20 09:27 PM Link | #99378
the dude's not visited the forums in over two years. I think at this point it's pretty clear this is cancelled.

Nothing to say, so jadnjkfmnjamnfjkldnajfnjkanfjdksan jsdnvj m.

Night gamer
Posted on 08-28-20 03:55 PM Link | #99436

Posted on 09-03-20 06:54 PM Link | #99460
Where Is The Rom Hack Link?

Posted on 09-17-20 09:11 AM Link | #99467
Safe to say this hack is dead and there’s really no need for it since luigi’s mansion was released on 3ds. The only work we ever really saw op was change one (1) texture and then show screen shots of existing models that we never actually saw used in the game. Twas an interesting idea on paper, likely we won’t see further developments

Jad Bouazzaoui
Posted on 01-08-22 02:41 PM (rev. 2 of 01-08-22 02:47 PM) Link | #100760
Hey ! Where's UPDATES ?! I hope you work on it. Please just do it.


Posted on 10-22-22 07:26 PM Link | #100907
please update me when the demo or any sort of software comes out please i would love to try this out from kejjywejjy
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