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07-28-21 01:23 PM

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Main - Misc. ROM hacking - Cool things about the smg2 world map! New reply

Posted on 09-19-17 10:59 PM (rev. 3 of 09-20-17 05:51 PM) Link | #89193
so I've been playing with the world 1 map in Super Mario Galaxy 2 and made some interesting discoveries!

You can change the background and add objects like planets (I think most people already new about the background although maybe not about the objects)


You can also place enemies in the world map! (kinda)

I could only get goombas to work though... I also tested with metbos (metal-helmet goombas) and giant goombas but they both crashed the game (edit: I also tested with bomb-ombs and they seem to work too.)

Skek is a Fortnite god

Posted on 09-19-17 11:37 PM Link | #89198
Interesting. So is the Chomp on the Chompworks icon an added enemy or is it part of the icon model?

Posted on 09-19-17 11:38 PM Link | #89199
It's a part of the icon model.


Fruity Dee
Posted on 12-03-17 03:58 PM Link | #91640
Looks interesting... Other enemies may crash because of the model limit or something, idk.

I tend to scrap ideas a lot.

Main - Misc. ROM hacking - Cool things about the smg2 world map! New reply

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