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07-25-24 03:22 AM

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Fruity Dee
Posted on 12-02-17 10:15 PM Link | #91607
My first completed SMG2 custom level.
This level is meant to be harder than the perfect run.

-Very Hard
-2 Stars, including a comet mission.
-I had to leave flip-swap because I didnt want to risk it corrupting.

Here are some pictures:

Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/3sai56ddp0qeiki/TheGrandChallengeGalaxy.zip

I tend to scrap ideas a lot.

Posted on 12-03-17 01:19 AM (rev. 3 of 03-12-19 12:18 AM) Link | #91616
You know, at first, I was really excited to play this level. So, I downloaded, played it on my USA Wii U as Mario, and this is my review:
1.5/5 stars.

Here's why:
"Hammer Bros. and Boomerang Bros." pretty much sums up why. I entered the galaxy expecting the level to be fun and hard/challenging. At first, it seemed pretty easy. Then, once I flew over to the Hammer Bros. section, my opinion quickly changed.

This sudden spike in difficulty is never good for anything (unless your level is purposely bad) as it leaves players confused. This part even lagged out my console, which is a big no-no. Lag doesn't mean "a small obstacle", it means "stop placing more Hammer Bros.". While I understand that this level is meant to be hard, this is not hard.

This was not fun and challenging. This was obnoxious and tedious. I wasted 99 lives on this level, 90 of them drained on this one "Hammer Spam" part. My point: cut down on the Boomerang/Hammer Bros..

Well, once in a blue moon, I defeated every single enemy there and moved onto the next area. I can understand the concept you were going for, and while it sounds fun on paper, it does not play well. I believe Super Mario 3D World had a similar portion to this in one of its levels, but it wasn't nearly as painful as this was.

As I said earlier, it was very rare for me to get to this part. This gave me zero time to experiment with the concept and learn it. By the time I think I figured it out, I die, and then I spend the next 15 minutes trying to figure out a new strategy on killing all the Boomerang/Hammer Bros. (since the one I previously used failed). By the time I finally get back to the shrinking platforms and lasers, I already forgot how I would go about this.

EDIT: Forgot to mention the checkpoint(s?). The checkpoint doesn't even spawn Mario next to it - it spawns Mario back to the launch star where he came from. And of course, the checkpoint is before the Hammer Bros. spam, not after. The checkpoint isn't even that far into the level.

I could not get any further than this. Neither do I want to.

This was all a little harsh, but it's the truth.


Fruity Dee
Posted on 12-03-17 01:24 AM Link | #91617
Thanks! Next time i'll try harder to make a better level and balance difficulty.

I tend to scrap ideas a lot.

Posted on 12-03-17 12:37 PM Link | #91629
Pretty fun level overall. As RealHeroic said, the enemy spam gets really annoying really quick. It took me around 50 minutes to beat and I lost around 40 lives - ALL of them were lost to either the hammer bros or the electric poison death (other than one that I lost in the spinless section).

The enemy spam is not good level design. Same goes for the magikoopa spam. It does not make the level challenging - only obnoxious. In fact, the enemy spam sections were probably the easiest parts. But putting so many down that the game lags should be a sign when you're testing that maaaaaaybe you went overboard.

Laser poison section was really awesome, though. Really tough to learn since each death required me to replay the enemy spam but I felt genuinely proud of myself when I did it.

You said you wanted it to be harder than The Perfect Run. Whilst some sections are, some are way easier than it. I would say that only the poison laser section could really stand up to that stage. But congrats - this obviously took you a while.

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