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03-25-23 01:49 AM

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Posted on 08-19-16 07:28 PM (rev. 2 of 12-20-16 11:53 PM) Link | #76299
Here's a tutorial on how to use CoinKiller!

NOTE: The download for CoinKiller and the tutorial on making your own mod is here: https://gbatemp.net/threads/guide-nsmb2-custom-levels-mods-the-easier-way.437207/

This is only a tutorial for MAKING LEVELS.

Without further ado, let's begin!

So, you have CoinKiller set up with all the latest sprite data, but, how do you make levels?
Here's how. (Make a backup of your original romfs before attempting this)

1. Choosing a level to replace

Here we're going to replace 1-1. Open CoinKiller, load your romfs folder, expand world 1, and go to 1-1. You should see this:

If you see it, good!

2. Level properties

On the left side of the screen, you should see a panel full of level options. Here's what they do:

- Time Limit: Controls the amount of time you have when playing the level
- Coin Rush Time Limit: Same as above, but for coin rush
- Level Setting 1 & 2: Don't touch these if possible
- Toad House Flag: Don't touch this either

Now for the 4 panels below. They should be labeled Standard, Stage, Background, and Interactive.

This is where you choose the tileset for your level.

Standard controls the question mark blocks, pipes, and that kind of stuff.

Stage controls the main tileset for the ground and ceiling blocks.

Background: These can be extra background tiles, or a full mushroom tileset.

Interactive: Fences and rails. :D

What about the icons above? What do they do? Here's what:

Gear: Level properties

File Cabinet: All your tileset choices! (They are labeled 1 - 4) These are used to place blocks!

Goomba: Enemies, events, and that kind of stuff.

Door: Entrances and Exits. We'll cover those in a second.

Light Blue Box: Zones, we'll cover those too.

Dark Blue Box: Locations.

Empty Box 1: Paths.

Empty Box 2: Progress Paths. These control that little moving mario on the bottom screen showing how close to the end you are. These need to be placed in specific places!

3. Making a level!

At the top of the screen, next to Layer 1 & 2, there's a drop down menu of areas. We'll cover this in a second.

For now, press the red X, and click OK. You just deleted an area! Keep doing this until it says you can not delete any more areas. To get around this, make a new area with the green plus.
You should be on Area 2 now. Using the drop-down menu, switch to Area 1, and delete it.

Congratulations! You made a blank area!

Q: What's an area though?
A: An area is used when you want to make a section of a level with a different tileset.

Q: What's a zone?
A: A zone is used to change the music, background, and is where you actually make the level!

4. Forgot to mention, now that we made a blank area, you need to set up the level properties again. :P

Switch to the tileset panel (File cabinet icon),and you should now see this: (I'm using the overworld tileset)


Now, time to make our level! In the left hand panel, click on the light blue box, this is the zone panel. Right click anywhere on the screen now, and you should see a white box! While you're at it, click the grid icon at the top to enable grid view.

You should see this:


If you NOW look at the left side of the screen, you will see a background! Change it to whatever you want. Now look above that, you can change the music! If you want the screen on your 3ds to scroll vertically on the level as well as horizontally, check Scroll Vertically.

Fun fact, the 3ds screen is 36 blocks wide and 12 blocks tall!

Anyway this level will be really short right now. Drag the zone to the right to expand it!

Now to add the goal pole. Go to the enemies panel, and click on the drop-down menu. Select All (Sorted By Number) and in the search box type in goal. Once you find it, right click once on the zone to place the goal. Move it to the end of the level, making sure the castle is touching the level boundaries on the right. It should look something like this:


Now, to place tiles under the goal! Go into the tileset panel (file cabinet) choose a tile, and right click anywhere in the zone to place the tile. Congrats! You can stretch this one tile as much as you want, but make sure it looks good! Anyway, see the buttons that say Layer 1 and Layer 2 in the panel? You can switch between them! Anything you place on layer 2 becomes part of the background, and is not solid. It goes behind layer 1. Use it for things like backgrounds and flowers. :D

Here's what I came up with for the goal:


Fun fact: If you press and drag the right mouse button when placing a tile, you can resize it quicker! Use this for coins and stuff.

Now for the entrance! How do you actually make Mario play the level? Here's how:

Go to the beginning of the zone (far left) , and place some blocks for Mario to start on.

Next, go to the entrances panel. (Door)

Then right click on top of the ground to place one entrance. Move it so that it's on top of the ground, and click on it once. You should now see its properties on the left panel. Uncheck enterable and change dest area to 1. Tada! Mario can now play your level! Here's my final result:


Play around with this as much as you like! Make the level! Here's a how to do entrances and exits:

Entrance settings:


Exit Settings:


Pipes In General: (Doors entrances go in the middle)


Next you need to set up a progress path, it's the second blank icon panel. Place one on the space next to the entrance on the right side, and the other one at the bottom of the goal pole on the right side. Set the first progress path's ID to 1, and in the zone settings, set progress path ID to 1. Never start with 0. Screenshots:

Entrance placement:


Goal Placement:


There, that was the basic tutorial! Feel free to tell me anything I did wrong or something I should add! :D

Posted on 10-30-17 10:13 PM Link | #90891
Help I cant find a download for this anywhere
I clicked on the link leading to the GBAtemp page
and when I clicked on the link that's SUPPOSED to lead to the download
this SHITTY kuribo error message pops up saying "You may not view this"
So I go looking for a way to bypass the error message and find nothing
can you please provide a new download or something?

Posted on 10-30-17 10:36 PM Link | #90892

Downloads are available in this thread

Main - NSMB2 hacking - [NSMB2 TUTORIAL] CoinKiller - Making your own levels! Hide post layouts | New reply

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