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05-08-21 12:49 PM

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Main - General SM64DS hacking - Model importing not working New reply

Posted on 08-22-17 05:06 PM Link | #86985
Hello everybody. I'm having a problem with sm64dse.
When I import a model, it's animation is broken.
In this case, a model that is just Peach_low with an
enlongated nose is used while trying to use an animation. (model link: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/315616803478831105/349346024147386381/pech.7z)

Sonikku A
Posted on 08-23-17 12:05 AM Link | #87009
Did you edit the poly so it's longer,or did you just scale or move her face bone?

Posted on 08-23-17 02:44 PM Link | #87069
Make sure you do not have too many polygons. I do not hack SM64DS, but in SMG2, having too many polygons can cause crashes.

I love SMG2 and Odyssey so I am merging them int SMG:O. :)
Also actively working on a new Whitehole revision, hopefully to release soon...

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Main - General SM64DS hacking - Model importing not working New reply

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