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05-08-21 12:51 PM

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Main - General SM64DS hacking - Warp-pipes? New reply

Posted on 05-30-17 01:11 AM Link | #83386
Idk how to set up a warp pipe that just warps between 2 points in a lvl. (sry if this has been asked b4, idk where it's at)

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Posted on 05-30-17 10:55 AM (rev. 2 of 05-30-17 10:57 AM) Link | #83387

Posted by SM64 Object Database
Object ID 186 — Warp Pipe
Object ID: 186 (0x00BA)
Actor ID: 298 (0x012A)
Internal name: DOKAN
Requirement: None.
Description: That green warp pipe from every Mario game.

Does nothing if placed alone. For it to act as an entrance or an exit, the corresponding objects must be placed inside it.

This is some help, but not much. (considering I know next-to-nothing about SM64DS hacking at the moment.)

EDIT: found this:
Posted by Fiachra
First of all the "Warp Pipe" objects don't do anything on their own - they're just static objects; you need to set up entrance and exit objects for each pipe. I would take a look at the levels in the game that use them (Tiny-Huge Island) and copy how they're set up there paying close attention to the positioning of the entrances and exits in relation to the pipe, basically just copy what's there except for the postitions and entrance ID's which will change. Then for warping within the current level, just set the exit level to be the current level and it should work fine.

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Main - General SM64DS hacking - Warp-pipes? New reply

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