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05-06-21 12:03 PM

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Posted on 03-06-17 04:44 PM (rev. 2 of 03-06-17 04:45 PM) Link | #81786
Hey guys! I'm sort of a noob at this whole ROM hacking thing, though I have made progress. I have a pretty ambitious idea. I plan to recreate the version of Mario Kart DS seen at GDC 2005! I don't have the knowledge to do it all by myself though. I need someone to help with porting the music from the kiosk demo and the title theme from Mario Kart 64! I also need someone who's good with ASM to re-add things like the speedometer and the unused Lakitu countdown lights. I've already handled porting some item graphics (haven't changed the item wheel graphics yet, just the items you see on the actual course) and the title screen graphics (credit to Ambiance 69), but I need someone to fill the rest of these roles. Message me if you're interested!


Posted on 03-07-17 02:27 PM Link | #81825
You should go to DSHack.org for that. It's a mario kart hacking forum.
There are plenty of tutorials over there to help you.
And some people that could help you too (including myself).

Posted on 03-08-17 11:07 AM (rev. 2 of 03-08-17 11:09 AM) Link | #81838
You won't get much help here at all for MKDS, your best bet is to go to DSHack.org for these things, indeed.

Also, just to tell you but, there is nobody good enough with ASM to add the missing features you're asking for, nobody that hacks MKDS, anyway, so it's pretty much a waste of time, and the only person who could do those things, pretty much no longer hacks MKDS.

There is no way to restore things like the Speedometer, unless you learn ASM, and C++ yourself, as a result.

This project is kind of a waste of time, since we already have the actual Kiosk Demo,
and another person is already doing the same thing as you.

MKDS Hacking & Modding Discord:

Posted on 03-09-17 09:17 AM Link | #81860
Wait, what?! Who's making the GDC remake?!


Posted on 03-09-17 02:07 PM Link | #81878
Louiskovskie is making it, his hack is called "Mario Kart DS Beta RELOADED 0.8".

Main - Misc. ROM hacking - Help Wanted for a Mario Kart DS hack! New reply

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