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05-25-22 08:19 PM

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Posted on 09-03-16 12:12 PM Link | #76839

Some weeks ago I felt that my good old SNES controller needs to be a bit more played on.

So last week I made a little Arduino/C# programm that let's you use your SNES gamepad with your PC!


As you can see it updates really fast so you don't have to worry about any slowdown :)

Connect the GND and 5V to the corresponding pins of your Ardiono and put Data, Latch and Clock on three different Digital pins.

/ |
| G N N | D L C 5 |

N = Nothing
D = Data
L = Latch
C = Clock
5 = 5V

Now you only have to change these lines in SnesPadIno.ino to the digital pins you use:

#define DATA_PIN 5
#define LATCH_PIN 6
#define CLOCK_PIN 7

Just upload the script to your Arduino and install vJoy.

Then open vJoyConf.exe and set the Button amount of vJoy Device #1 to 8 and the POV amout to 1 and the mode to Continious.

Finally start SnesPad.exe and have fun using your SNES gamepad :)

Thanks to TacticalCode for the Aruino SNES library and vJoy for their awesome gamepad emulating driver.

Download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fj0f4yjju9m5rj9/AAAlg6dtvSapw2TtYIe7oPfTa?dl=0

GitHub - YouTube - NSMBHD

Posted on 09-03-16 03:58 PM Link | #76841
Cool program. I actually have some amount of experience with C#. I mostly use it in unity3D and Console applications. I don't have a lot of experience with windows forms applications though.

Posted on 09-03-16 04:01 PM Link | #76842
that's some cool shit there :P

I should get around to doing that kind of shit. something I want to do is program a WiiU gamepad.

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Main - Computers and technology - Use SNES Controller as PC gamepad Hide post layouts | New reply

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